Diabetic colon cleanse

by Jeremy

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QUESTION: Is colon cleanse something relevant to diabetics? I have heard that colon cleanse is so far good; but don't know if it helps diabetics?

If yes, how?

Are all these herbs and food a good source for diabetic colon cleanse?

What else works? What other ways for colon cleanse exist?

Can colon cleanse apply for type 1 diabetics (children or younger)? Any harm or side effects for them? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Jeremy,

It is good that you are looking for new options to beat your diabetes, congratulating you for this. It is true that colon cleanse helps the organism to get rid of the unnecessary substances, which sometimes are toxic.

It doesn’t matter if you are diabetic or not, or if you are children or adult, the only condition is to have the indications for this procedure.

As you can imagine, every procedure has to be estimated under medical supervision, including colon cleanse of course.

The reason why I‘m telling you that is because this procedure hides a lot of risks, which can be avoided if trained medical specialists are assisting you.

Some of the possible complications are dehydration, caused by persistent diarrhea, removal of the bacteria, which are normally living in your large intestine and others.

This may sounds harmless to you, but these
complications are pretty serious.

  • Other important thing is that there are a lot of ways to estimate colon cleanse, but your doctor is able to choose the best one for you.

    So, my advice for you is to consult with your doctor before this procedure, because he/she is the only one, who can choose the best way, the most appropriate for you.

  • With regards to the methods used for colon cleanse, herbs, pills and tubes are included. The less invasive ways are the usage of herbs and pills, because you are taking them through your mouth.

    The usage of tubes is considered invasive, because the tube has to be inserted through your anus. After it has been inserted, white liquid is injected in your large intestine, which dissolves the substances in there.

    There are several other options for colon cleanse, but they are applied only in rare situations and your doctor will inform you about them, if you have the indications. That is why you must consult with a specialist before taking the decision for colon cleanse.

    Hope it helped!


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