Type 2 diabetic since July 1991, diagnosed based on a fasting sugar reading of 468 mg/dl

by bonny damocles
(Midland, MI, U.S.A.)

Fasting sugar reading of 468 mg/dl

Fasting sugar reading of 468 mg/dl

QUESTION: For more than 20 years now, I have been using exercise as my only type 2 diabetes medication.

I do not know of any natural cures for my diabetes. I will always be a diabetic.

But by being D.U.M.B. (disciplined, upbeat, motivated, bold), I enjoy life like I have no diabetes.

Before I go farther, may I suggest that you google the words: The Science of Exercise, Erika Gebel. On the first page of the article, you will see my name under the heading Exercise Case Study. Please click on my name.

What have I been eating since my diagnosis? Heart-healthy, natural, and fresh (eaten raw or cooked) foods, mostly carbohydrates like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, roots, seeds, grains, seaweeds. Occasionally, I also eat lean beef, lean pork, skinless chicken, fish and other seafoods.

I always do my best to avoid sugary foods, salty foods, oily/fatty foods, dairy products, soft and hard drinks, foods with artificial ingredients, snacks, processed foods.

Would you believe that for more than 20 years, despite the fact that I have been having high after-meal blood sugar readings 3x/day caused by my high carb meals, I have not had any diabetes complications yet? Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe because I have been exercising a total of 90 minutes/day (in 4 sessions, 1 session immediately before each meal and before bed).

If you have any questions, please email me at bonnynemia@gmail.com

ANSWER: Hi Bonny,

I hope to meet more dedicated diabetic patients like you. It is true that having discipline is something very important, especially when you have diabetes. Besides the discipline, you have the dedication to beat your disease and to live normal life.

Regarding your condition, I will remind you that diabetes type 2 is caused by two things, first by reduced insulin secretion or by impaired glucose tolerance.

However, I’m not able to say 100% sure what the exact cause of your diabetes is, but according to the information, which you have provided, it is a matter of impaired glucose tolerance.

During the impaired glucose tolerance, the insulin secretion is normal, but the insulin is not able to put all the glucose inside the cells. This leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood, characterized by blood glucose elevation.

However, you have found the best way to burn this glucose, which remains in your blood - exercises. You are absolutely right, that exercises are helping you to keep your blood glucose within in the normal ranges, but you have to know one thing – diabetes is progressive disease.

In other words, at some point, like in your case, you might be able to keep everything normal without the usage of familiar drugs, but after this point severe changes in the glucose metabolism will appear.

However, I want to congratulate you about the big efforts of yours and to remind you to check your blood glucose occasionally and if you see something, which is not right, inform your doctor immediately.

I hope that for other more 20 years, such things are not going to happen and you will be able to maintain your blood glucose concentration normal, only by exercises and diet.

Wish you all the best!


I don't think type 2 diabetes is progressive when exercise is used as the only medication to control it
by: Bonny C Damocles

COMMENT: Dr. Alba:

As you very well know, I am on a mission to prove that type 2 diabetes is not a progressive disease. I strongly believe that I will always be enjoying life like I have no diabetes.

Everybody knows that high fasting and after-meal sugar levels are very very
bad. I have been having them 4x/day since July 1991 when I was diagnosed based on a fasting sugar reading of 468 mg/dl. Three times per day, I have been eating plenty of carbohydrates but the blood sugar highs they have been naturally creating have never harmed me.

Have you ever heard/known/read about another type 2 diabetic who has been managing his disease as well (no diabetes complications yet) and as long (more than 20 years) as I have?

I doubt it very much.

I would think that medical science and doctors of medicine and experts on type 2 diabetes have yet to accept the fact that type 2 diabetes is very easy to control with the use of daily exercise as the sole medication against it.

May I add that heart-healthy, natural, fresh (raw or cooked) foods, mostly carbohydrates, should be eaten no more than 3x/day (only water between meals) for ones fuel, nutrients, and sustenance.

Please understand that in 24 years I will be 100 years old. In these 24 years, when do you think will my diabetes become progressive? Unless you find data to support your answer, I will keep on saying that my t2d is not and will not be a progressive disease.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Bonny C Damocles


First, I want to clarify that my opinions are based on what medical scientists have found out and accepted as a real fact for every type 2 diabetics.

Although many theories have been well accepted, however, each doctor knows that 2 + 2 does not equal 4 in medicine. It may equal more or less than 4, but never, never 4. I hope you got this my idea.

Please understand my intention of not confounding people on medical facts, theories, what is accepted and what not. Until today, the facts are accepted as mentioned before.

With regards to your own experience, I am happy for your findings and success. However, as this is individual, I cannot accept for everyone with type 2 diabetes.

As glucose is very important for each of our body cells; when it lacks (as in diabetes), they will end suffering. This will lead to various damages, which was meant when I have spoken about progression in diabetes.

Once more, although general data has been accepted, however, individual experience can change ones therapeutic schedule.

Thank you for sharing with us your experience,


Reply to Dr. Alba
by: bonny c damocles

Dr. Alba,

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain the basis of your opinions.

I very well know that at this stage of the game, I will have to work very very hard to convince newly diagnosed pre-diabetics and full-blown type 2 diabetics that their disease can very easily be tamed with the use of adequate daily physical activities.

Nobody has to wait for a cure for it because once they develop the habit of exercising every day, this disease automatically becomes just a reminder for them to shape up.

Medical science, medical doctors, and experts on type 2 diabetes cannot be blamed for heavily relying on the data they get from various studies/researches/experiments done by well-known universities/pharmaceutical companies/research groups.

There certainly is no better alternative for them to consider.

I am just a small voice in the wilderness. Unless and until somebody understands what my 20+ years of unbelievably successful experience with my t2d
means, the privilege of living like I have no diabetes will be mine alone.

Thanks again.

Bonny C Damocles

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My 2-hour Daily Exercise is still Doing an Excellent Job!!!
by: Bonny C Damocles

EXPERIENCE: Dr. Albana Greca,

This is just to update you on my progress. I am now on my merry way to reaching my 23rd year as a type 2 diabetic using daily exercise as my sole anti-diabetes med. So far so good.

No diabetes complications yet, am getting healthier, stronger, and feeling younger than my actual age of 77 1/2 years.

Thanks and regards,

Bonny C Damocles

COMMENT: Hi Bonny,

Very glad to hear such good news. Hope your experience would serve as an excellent sample to other patients.

I wanted to add that we eat to supply our body the nutrients it needs according to our daily physical activities.

The more we are on the movement, the more energy we are burning; therefore, little is maintained apart to be deposit as fat tissue.

So, the one who really knows and understands such natural mechanisms of our life would be blessed with the wisdom of living healthy for as long (or longer) as you actually are, Bonny.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

All the best!



Wonderful Reply From You, Dr. Albana Greca!!!

I really hope that you don't mind my addressing you by your real name.

I truly love to hear from you that I have been burning all the excess fuel I have in my body thereby avoiding the creation of fat cells. My weight as of 3 days ago was 138 lbs. My height is 5'7".

This morning immediately after getting out of bed, I took a fasting blood sugar reading - 122 mg/dl. I power walked for 30 minutes and then took a reading again. It was 121 gm/dl. How do you interpret these two very similar readings? If you ask me, my answer is that whatever fuel I burned was adequately supplied by the release of glucose by my liver. Saying it in another way, my liver did an excellent job of releasing just the right amount of fuel.

Yes, I will be a type 2 diabetic the rest of my life, but this fact does not worry me. Since my diagnosis in July 1991, I have been enjoying life like I have no diabetes. Yes, I have to work hard to burn all the nutrients I take in for eating unlimited amounts of my favorite foods but I get more than enough rewards for my efforts.

Thanks again.

Bonny C Damocles

Type 2 diabetic since July 1991
by: Bonny C Damocles

COMMENT: Dr. Albana Greca,

One and one-half years after I wrote my last reply to you, I am now adding the information that in May 2014, my A1c was 6.3% and in October 2014, it was 6%.

In a few days, I will turn 79 (date of birth: January 16, 1936). I am still doing my daily exercise routines which are now mostly stair-running. And my favorite foods are still mostly carbohydrates.

I still strongly believe that type 2 diabetes is not a progressive disease. If it were, I would have been in a worse shape than I was when I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. My plain explanation: I keep on improving my health.

You will surely hear from one and a half years from now when I reach my twenty-fifth anniversary as a t2d.

Enjoy life always!!!

Bonny C Damocles
03 January 2015

REPLY: Hi back Bonny,

It's nice to hear from you again. Thank you so much for following our website.

Your history is a good example for whom wants to stay healthy and keep blood sugar within normal levels.

Your experience is a good example, however, unfortunately, it might help thousands of diabetics out there.

From one side, there is the pharmaceutical machinery that is encouraging "experimentation" with various "new" medications.

From the other side, it is hard for me to talk to my patients about the importance of keeping healthy.

Furthermore, my other colleagues won't understand the most important points in managing diabetes. So, they will advise "theories" differently from what I try to with my patients.

At the end, I face their rigidity to understand the real problems and to get them correctly resolved.

With regards to "progression" of diabetes, my opinion is based on the research conclusions and logical deduction of possible damages made on cell level due to persistent high blood sugar levels.

Once again, thank you for following up!
Enjoy life as healthy as you can!


First 25-year Untreated and Complication-Free Type 2 Diabetic
by: bonny Damocles

First week of July 2016 is the 25th Anniversary of my being a type 2 diabetic. I am very happy and very excited to report that since my diagnosis, I have never had any hypoglycemic problems and diabetes complications. All these years, I have been using diet and exercise as my control method. Exercise is one hour of stair-running or stair-walking, and diet is natural, heart-healthy, fresh (raw or cooked) unprocessed, and whole foods which are mostly carbohydrates. My past A1c's were between 5.2% and 6.3%, the last one on October 3, 2016, was 5.8%.

Bonny C Damocles
Male, 80 years old, 137 lbs, 5'7"
I do not take any pharma drugs for any health probles

Thanks for Sharing
by: Chie

Thank you for inspiring me. I know that being passive kills.

I am in my early 50's and noticed that my blood sugar average has risen a bit as compared to three years ago when I was first diagnosed with "impaired fasting glucose" and took Metformin as my first line of defense and did exercise 20 mins two times a day.

At that time my Doctor was surprised because my test (HBA1c) indicated "non diabetic". However, my dedication to exercise waned from active to occasional and it is then where I noticed my BS to be elevated than where it was.

I know at the back of my mind that regular exercise does wonders and it takes will power to get propelled to do it daily.

Because of your sharing, I have renewed strength to follow a 2 x a day exercise (20 mins. min. each) and cut my carbo. and sugar intake to get me back on course to the previous state I had 3 years ago.

Wishing you a long and healthy life ahead.

Type 2 diabetic since July 1991
by: Anonymous


Thank you very much for your reaction to my post. I love hearing from type 2s who are able to stay healthy by using D&E as their way of controlling diabetes.

Bonny C Damocles

My 26th Year as a Healthy and Drug-Free Type 2 Diabetic
by: Bonny C Damocles

Dr. Albana Greca,

In less than 1 1/2 months, I will be celebrating my 26th year as a healthy and drug-free type 2 diabetic.

Believing that I am the first type 2 diabetic to accomplish this record, I submitted an application to Guinness World under the category, Longest Time as a Healthy and Drug-free type 2 2 diabetic.

Somebody is writing a book about me and my diabetes which will be published any time soon for worldwide distribution. The 3 countries we would like to target are China, India and the U.S.A.

The message is very simple: The easiest, most effective, healthiest, safest, cheapest and natural way to control type 2 diabetes is by using up all calories taken in. If the diabetic has the added problem of having excess weight, in addition to using up all the calories he has taken in, he must slowly but surely burn energy stored in his fat cells.

For quite some time now, I have been eating only 2 meals per day, no snacks and no drinks except water, and have been exercising twice before each meal for a total daily time of 1 hour.


Bonny C Damocles


T2D Since July 1991 - Last A1c in 05/19 was 6.3%
by: Bonny C Damocles


Thank you very much for featuring my story as a T2D.

I have good news for you: Dr. Sheri Colberg-Ochs, Ph.D., author, and well-known authority on exercises for diabetics, shares my strong belief that type 2 diabetes is not a progressive disease. You can easily check her out. If you decide to communicate with her, please mention my name. She knows me and my story as a drug-free and healthy t2d for more than 28 years. She is now trying very hard to convince the medical doctors at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) that t2d is not a progressive disease.

Thank you again.

Bonny C Damocles

GENTLE-REPLY: Hello Bonny,

I am very glad to hear back from you. I was wondering long time not to get your news.

I was asking the admin to check out but no news from you since I received today.

I too think type 2 Diabetes is not progressive as long as appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are implied.

It's not a simple attempt because we should knock down our golosity induced by Big Advertisments. However, as human beings, God created us with strong willing that we should use especially when we know that our illness requires determination and regular implementation of good habits.

Once again, thank you for sharing. And very glad to hear back from you.

Dr.Albana (Dr.Alba)

T2D Since July 1991 - Last A1c in 05/19 was 6.3%
by: Bonny C Damocles

COMMENT: Dr. Alba,

In July 2020, I will be a drug-free and healthy type 2 diabetic for 29 years.

I don't run the stairs anymore. I discovered a better, easier and safer substitute: stair-walking 15 minutes four times a day.

I still eat twice a day, strictly no snacks.

For more than 5 years now I have stopped checking the required daily blood sugar readings. I have been totally depending on A1c readings done by our family physician every six months. My last A1c last July was 6.3%.

Thank you very much for spreading my story.


GENTLE REPLY: Hello back Bonny,

It is always a great pleasure to hear from you.

Of course, yours is a story of success and many of other people, diabetic or not can get valuable benefits in fighting and preventing diabetes.

I'm also astonished for your long experience of reversing diabetes naturally, and now you call yourself "Diabetes-free".

I hope many of other diabetic patients will enjoy the same success as you.

Thank you for sharing.


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