Gymnema Sylvestre For Type 1 Diabetics

by Mahesh Zurunge


I am 28 years old and affected by type - 1 diabetes. By weight is 67 KG.

I am really feeling good to hear such news about GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE.

Can you please help me to get it and please let us know how to use it?

Also I feel grateful if you can share your contact number.


ANSWER: Hi Mahesh,

I understand that you are worried about your health status as you are a type 1 diabetic in such a young age.

However, do not give up. You can successfully live with this disease if you follow the right steps and be determined.

Unfortunately, the only cure for your type of diabetes is the transplant of beta cells, which, sometimes does not have the desired results.

Please find the answer to your question as following:

  • The main component of Gymnema sylvestre is the gymnemic acid. It has been shown in different studies that gymnemic acid can revitalize the residual beta cells in the pancreas.

    Actually, this is thought to be the main action of gymnema in those with insulin dependent diabetes.

    However, the question raises: How many remaining beta cells are there in type 1 diabetics? If there is still some of them, then this can be of great benefits for type 1 diabetes.

    Now, the main good effect of gymneic acid is by reducing the absorption of glucose molecules in the intestines.

    As a consequence, the entering of sugar into the bloodstream will be delayed, avoiding high peaks of blood glucose.

    To my opinion, this is the main effect of Gymnema sylvestre in type 1 diabetics. By reducing the sugar levels in the blood, the need for insulin injection will be reduced as well.

    So far, no study has referred any side effect of gymnema in diabetics although its safety in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women is still in discussion.

    Where can you buy gymnema sylvestre?

    The parts that are used for sugar lowering purpose are its leaves. You can have them boiled as a tea or raw mixed with other herbs salad. You may ask at your local store for it.

    The pharmaceutical machinery has come out with different formulas that contain its extract. You can ask at any drug-store for
    it. Or you can buy online.

    Hope it helped!


    Type -2 diabetics-gymnema-sylvestre-use
    by: Anonymous

    QUESTION: Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot for your reply

    Actually I was confused in type 1 & Type 2 disease. I am affected by type 2 diabetics,

    My current sugar level after eating is 200 around,

    And I am not taking an insulin dose

    Can gymnema sylvestre help me to reduce further sugar level?

    Desperately seek your help?

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards

    Mahesh Zurunge

    ANSWER: Hi again Mahesh,

    First, with regards to blood sugar levels; I would suggest to work closely with your doctor to set your acceptable glucose levels.

    I am telling you this because different diabetic patients have their own (different) goal of blood sugar. However, your doctor knows better your medical condition, and is the only one who can decide for you.

    Next, as you a type 2 diabetic, I can say a big "YES" to your concern; "YES", you can get great profit from gymnema sylvestre because:

    - It can help you revitalize the existing beta cells of your pancreas

    - can slow down the absorption of sugar from the intestines; avoiding high peaks of blood sugar level

    - it can also help you have less problems with high cholesterol or high triglycerides.

    As I have already mentioned, there is little medical evidence for the side effects of gymnema.

    At last, I strongly recommend to work with your doctor.

    Hope it helped!



    by Anonymous

    Yes, gymnema is excellent for diabetes, which I have type 2 for about 1 year now. I also been taking nexium for about 6 years now and decided to stop taking it.

    Well I was very surprised, after a few days my blood sugar started to fall.

    I'm still checking this whole thing out but i'm very happy. My levels now are normal and i'm not taking anything. (medicine or gymnema).

    But please see your doctor before doing anything.

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