Garlic & Diabetics

by Ama

QUESTION: i've red a lot about garlic but no body has talked about its advers effect does not have one? Pls I want to know.


I understand your worries, but I want to ensure you that garlic is relatively safe for the majority of those who are using it.

It is true that some people are experiencing certain garlic’s side effects; however, there are others who don’t, a fact, which no one can explain.

For your personal information and for your safety, I will mention not only the garlic’s side effects, but even its recommended dosages.

  • First, regarding the side effects, garlic can cause bad breath and body odor.

  • In addition, it can lead to burning sensation in the stomach and behind the sternum.

  • Besides this, inappropriate garlic usage can cause diarrhea, increased gas production and allergic reactions.

    The allergic reactions are the most important part of the garlic’s side effects, because they may damage your body.

    In general, the allergic reactions are represented by erythema of the skin or inability to breath and swelling of the face.

    So, when you are eating garlic, stay alert for the mentioned allergic reactions and if you notice them contact your health-care provider or visit the emergency room as soon as possible.

  • Besides this, the garlic usage can unlock asthma in children and in adults, who were having asthma episodes in the past.

  • In addition, I have to tell you that garlic increases the risk for bleeding, so if you have bleeding gums or your period is about the come do not use garlic at all.

    You have to remember not to use garlic 10 days before and 10 days after surgical operation, because of the increased risk for bleeding.

  • With regards to the dosage of garlic, you have to use not more than 4 cloves per day. Generally speaking, by exceeding this dose, the risk for developing the mentioned side effects grows.

    So, try to stay close to the reference dosage, in purpose to avoid the side effects development.

    Hope it helped!


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