Most efficient & maximum controle of Diabetics - YOGA

by Kumara Swamy
(Mysore, Krnataka, INDIA)

I am Diabetic since 26 years, I used to take Tablets as per my Doctors Advise Certain time back, i started doing Yogasana, Pranayama & other Breathing exercises with the great help of Guruji Sri. Jayakumar (Vijay Nagar, Mysore)for 2 Months regularly.

As regular checkup with Dr. Ravikumar (Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore) there was a surprising Lab Report which was showing excellent control in glucose level, he asked me to check again after 1 week.

Report showing still better in control, same time i disclosed him about my tiredness & other symptoms, for which he reduced and changed the prescription itself, and asked me about Food, Exercises & others.

He came in to conclusion, that, Yoga has done wonderful treatment.

Important thing was, that, I never controlled augur in my food Coffee sweets etc.

Even Doctor showed interest to consult my Guruji, for future adoption of Yoga in his Nursing Home.

Next Part : After 2 month short time course I left Yoga, could not continue practicing in Home or in other place....resulted a sudden Rise in Glucose Level.

So, my request in all Diabetics : Please start doing YOGA - Pranayama & continue practicing daily for at-least 30 Minutes.

Also, Do not practice yourself by reading Books, watching T.V or Videos, go through with Qualified Yoga Teachers.

Diabetics is not at all a "Decease" or Curse, but, Bless or shows way of "Healthy Living"

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