Flaxceed Oil & Cottage Cheese For Diabetes?!

by Minesh

fruits  for  diabetics

fruits for diabetics

EXPERIENCE: The natural cure for beating diabetes is avoiding all trans fat, hydrogenated fat, fatty acids and replacing with cold pressed oils such as flaxseed oil, Hemp Oil, Cod Liver oil, etc.

Avoid all vegetable oils unless cold pressed, avoid processed foods. Mix flaxseed oil with cottage cheese (Budwig diet) and together with plenty of fruit and veg, exercise and natural supplements (zinc, chromium,cinnamon, bitter lemon).

Your diabetes will be beaten. Give it 7-12 months to work!

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How can this formula work? My opinion is that only if the pancreas is producing enough insulin.

In my case I only produce very little insulin so if I eat too many carbs that my body cant burn quickly guess what---- my glucose sky rockets!!!!

Therefore I have to take some insulin just to maintain a somewhat normal level.

Please open my eyes and make me understand how this can work for everyone with diabetes. Cant wait to here this one.

Cottage Cheese/Flaxseed Oil
by: Anonymous

The formula here generally works for Diabetes Type 2 where the body produces insulin but can't use it properly.

The idea is to get enough Omega 3 in your diet of ratio 3:1 against Omega 6. The cells in your body have the sticky Trans Fat around it
so that the glucose can not get into it, via the insulin which then it turn transports it in your body to where its needed.

The idea is that the cold pressed oil will make the cells more permeable, and hence have less blood sugar.

In terms of your pancreas producing more insulin (and therefore working properly) you need to have MSM powder, which provides the nutrients for the Pancreas to work properly. Cinnamon mimics insulin. I hope that helps.

Increasing Insulin Production
by: Anonymous

You need to try cinnamon and MSM powder (sulfur). In addition try HIT (high intensive training) - on an exercise bike - do short 20 second high speed bursts - in total 3 minutes (9 stints of 20 seconds) a day. Taking short breaks in between the 20 second stints.

This enhances/stimulates insulin production as well as lowering your sugar levels. It is important to ensure that the 20 second stint is high intensive cycling (fast and furious) before taking a break.

It does work. Try it.

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