Defrozen Okra for Diabetics - Does it Work?

by Marcy Cassidy
(Carson City, Nv. )

QUESTION: I am researching natural ways to treat diabetes. I have JUST be diagnosed and heard about the Okra water approach.

I have searched high and low for Okra and have had no success. I have purchased frozen Okra but not sure what ratios to try.

It is already cut up so could you give me some much (cup?)to defrost and soak overnight? Please advise.

ANSWER: Hello Marcy,

I read your message and understood your problem.

Okra, also known as lady's fingers or gumbo, is a vegetable that is used as a home remedy to treat diabetes. The truth is that this plant may help you in controlling the blood glucose levels.

This plant helps in reducing the blood glucose levels by reducing the amount of glucose absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Although it might be helpful, you should not rely only on this plant in controlling diabetes.

Your body needs insulin to reduce the blood glucose concentrations and okra can be a good alternative for treating diabetes but it must not be fried or exposed to heat as this destroys the active substance in the plant.

It must be prepared in the right way as prescribed in the recipes you can find. Try to exercise regularly as this will reduce your blood glucose levels.

Focus on your diet, eat healthy meals, and reduce the carbs and sugars. Okra is a great vegetable with lots of nutrients and can be best used as a food. You can search and cook delicious dishes with okra. You can take as much okra as you like there is no restriction.

Defrozen okra works equally, take the same quantity as per fresh okra. In other words can prepare okra water by taking 4 medium size defrozen okra.

Follow the steps as per fresh okra. Don't forget to use in other dishes too.

Hope this is helpful.

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