Is Aloe vera gel beneficial to cure Type-II diabetes

by Fazal ur Rehman
(Islamabad , Pakistan)


I am Fazal Ur Rehman and I am from Pakistan.

I am 35 now and have been type-II diabetic for the last 04 years.

I have been trying to use aloe vera gel to control the blood sugar but when I take the aloe vera gel in small quantity I feel very sleepy in the day time.

What is your suggestion in using aloe vera gel and how much quantity should be taken daily to have blood sugar under control.

My fasting blood sugar hovers between 100 to 115. The random sugar is always less than 140.

Thanks and regards.


Hallo dear Sir/Madam,

As we can see from your blood-glucose numbers, you have pre-diabetes, which means that your blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as type II diabetes.

Having fasting glucose between 100 and 126 mg/dl is classified as pre-diabetes.
You do very well you use Aloe Vera to control your blood-sugar level, for it is one of the natural treatments that best treat type II diabetes, due to its sugar- lowering abilities.

It has also LDL-lowering and anti-oxidant abilities, which are very beneficial in treating type-II diabetes. Aloe Vera can reduce blood-sugar levels up to 50% in just 2 months, according to some studies.

Your drowsiness might be an aloe side effect. It is possible, although such side effect is not concluded in any of the studies about aloe side effects. It might also be a symptom of slightly moderate hypoglycemia, due to the usage of improper dosages of Aloe Vera gel.

If this is disturbing to you, you should talk to your doctor.

The daily dosage of Aloe Vera, in diabetes, is 200 – 300mg. If using Aloe Vera gel, start from taking one teaspoon per day and then increase the dosage up to three teaspoons per day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
If using Aloe Vera gel capsules, take one 100mg capsule three times a day.

Be careful, Aloe Vera can interact with anti- diabetic drugs, when taken simultaneously causing thus, hypoglycemia.

It might also interact with absorption of other drugs like antiarrhythmic agents, antifungal, anti- inflammatories, antivirals, corticosteroids taken by mouth, gastrointestinal drugs, laxatives etc.

If would be best to measure your blood- sugar continuously to evaluate how Aloe Vera is working for you.

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