Ldl cholesterol diabetes guidelines

What is the ldl cholesterol diabetes interaction? How may diabetes affect cholesterol levels? What can I do to prevent bad side of cholesterol when diabetic?

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How are the cholesterol levels affected from diabetes?

According to Richard Nesto, M.D., the spokesperson for the American Heart Association, “Diabetic dyslipidemia means your lipid profile is going in the wrong direction. It's a deadly combination that puts patients at risk for premature coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis – where the arteries become clogged with accumulated fat and other substance. “

As you may probably understand from the above statement, your diabetes puts you in diabetic dyslipidemia. This is a condition in which you have low hdl cholesterol (also called the good one), raised triglyceride and ldl cholesterol (bad cholesterol). If so, the risk for heart disease and stroke is also increased.

What is more, studies has also concluded that there is a link between diabetic dislipidemia and insulin resistance (which leads to type 2 diabetes). During insulin resistance, your body cells do not give a good response to insulin.

What can I do to keep myself away from bad side of cholesterol and have a healthy heart?

The following tips would be a worthy guideline to get rid of high ldl cholesterol diabetes bad effects.

• Be close to your doctor and discuss with him/her the best therapy for you.

• Check your cholesterol and blood sugar regularly. Prepare your own schedule with your doctor (how many times a year, when, how to prepare for the test).

• Start the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (according to the American Heart Association). So, try to walk at least 30 minutes a day for most of the days of the week.

• Write up your daily diet menu with the foods to avoid and those to eat more often. Remember: You need all types of food. Watch the amount of fat and sugar they have.

• If you are under diabetes medication, tell your doctor on possible good effects of some of them on cholesterol. If you want to start your knowledge now, click here.

• In case your doctor prescribes cholesterol-lowering medications, discuss with him on possible adverse side effects and how to take proper care.

Keep in mind that if you pay good attention and care to diabetes, that may help in lowering ldl cholesterol. The only thing you need is a strong willing and iron personality.

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