Suitable Diabetic Medicine for me

by Vikas Shukla
(Gurgaon- Haryana)

QUESTION: Dear Doctor,

I am 50 yrs. man- Weight- 72 Kg., from India and having Diabetes-2 since last about 15 years, it is hereditary in my family and most of other family members are also diabetic.

I am quite strict & regular on diet control & exercise so that could manage with for long time. I am under going complete medical tests / investigations every 8- 10 months.

While other parameters are normal, my sugar levels (Fasting-170 & PP-220) are not good controlled. Moreover Triglyceride Cholesterol is high ( 270 Approx) but LDL/HDL are in limits.

Sometime my BP also goes 90/150, but once in a while, I am not having regular BP problem. Also my stomach is not good all times and I suffer with gastric problems mostly.

I presently taking Zunavia 100mg (Sitagliptin) before breakfast and Zoryal M-2 (Glimepieride 2mg+ Metformin 500)but not effective. I trust only my life style, diet & exercise control is controlling my diabetes while no good results with these medicines.

While I heard about many new events & new drugs are now available in market, don't know whether these may be available in India market.

But my experience is local doctors are not having enough information / knowledge about new events & medicines hence just prescribing only few known medicines, otherwise they shift patient to 'Insulin' very quickly.

I request to please support and advise me suitable medicines.

Best regards,

Vikas Shukla

ANSWER: Hi Vikas,

I am sorry for the situation you are in.

I have gone through your medical history and understood your concern.

I am happy to know that you are following a healthy diet and lifestyle regimen. That will definitely help improve your glucose and cholesterol parameters.

By the way, I do not find your blood cholesterol and sugar levels worrisome. It is true that they are elevated, but not at the point you cannot take good control of them.

The medications you are taking seems to be good to me to lower your blood glucose. Perhaps, you might need to increase the dose of Metformin, from 500 to 850. You can discuss this with your doctor.

Next, I always recommend my patients to use natural herbs to treat diabetes and high cholesterol. You can try Ayuverda medicines and see the difference.

With regards to insulin, I do not think you need it for the moment.

Such multiple approaches management will help improve your lipid profile and sugar levels.

Hope it helped!

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Dec 07, 2014
Ayuverdic medicine for controlling fasting glucose
by: Dr.Alba


Thank you for posting.

When it comes to Ayuverda medicines, I usually recommend my patients to look into the ingredients. In most of cases, the ingredients can be commonly found at your local pharmacy or mixed in dietary supplement.

The most common herbs to look at include:
- Cinnamon
- Fenugreek
- Garlic
- Bitter melon

and many other herbs.

Please take note that Ayuverda medicines alone cannot help unless you implement healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle regimen.

All the best!

Aug 20, 2014
suitable aryuvedic medicine for diabetes
by: maryann


Which aryuvedic medicine are you talking about,,, can please give me the list of the efficient ones to control fasting blood sugar?,,I also have the same problem.

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