My weight loss in diabetes? - What i do to increase my weight?


QUESTION: weight loss about -12-13 kgs

blood sugar level 91-128 in dec-2011

in april 2011 -565


please help me to increase my weight.

ANSWER: Hi there,

It is good that you want to take everything in your hands and I really want to help you doing this. However, you haven’t mentioned your age and the exact type of your diabetes and the diabetic treatment you are following.

With this information, it will be able for me to provide you specific options on how you can gain few pounds.

Moreover, your age is important for me, because at certain age, the development of malignant process is observed. Some of those malignant processes are leading to fast loss of weight and I want to exclude such things.

  • In addition, other hormonal changes in your organism, despite diabetes, may lead to weigh loss. As such hormonal changes are observed mainly in young women, but they cannot be excluded in men, therefore, I need more information from you regarding this.

  • Now, the best way to gain some weight is to make adjustments in your diet. However, these adjustments have to be made according your treatment, which I don’t know.

    The best and safest way for you to gain some weight is to start eating meals, which are containing more proteins than usual.

    The consumption of proteins will increase your weight, so you will not have to worry about anything, because they are not leading to changes in the glucose metabolism.

    First, you must check for the diseases and conditions I suggested above; next, prepare with your dietitian or doctor a proper menu to increase weight. Once more, be
    sure you do not suffer from any of these problems.

    Hope it helped!


    My weight loss in diabetes? - What i do to increase my weight?

    CONCERN: My weight loss in diabetes? - What I do to increase my weight?

    QUESTION: weight loss about -12-13 kgs

    blood sugar level in april 2011 -"565"

    blood sugar level "91" FASTING
    AFTER MEAL - "128" in dec-2011






    REPLY: Hi Bhagwant,

    As what I can see from your blood sugar results, there is no problem with it. It shows a slight increase of blood glucose, but it all depends on what you have eaten at your meal. Therefore, I suggest to watch what you eat, avoiding high carb foods, fatty ones, etc.

    In addition, please include exercise in your daily routine, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to maintain your blood glucose within the normal ranges.

    Another point is to clarify if you are still wondering to increase your weight?

    So, if you are 49 years old, please make an appointment with your doctor to determine if you have any of the following diseases or conditions:

    - pancreas problems (cancer or pancreatitis)

    - hormonal problems (focusing on thyroid, pituitary gland, or any other endocrine problems)

    - prostate problems

    - colon concerns (cancer, polyps, irritable bowl syndrome, etc.)

    - liver problems (hepatitis, cancer, etc.)

    - any other infectious diseases.

    Please ask your doctor if you are having any of these problems to resolve your weight loss concern.

    At last, if you do not have any of the above-mentioned conditions, please watch your diet for lack of nutrients.


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    Weight gain in type 2 diabetic

    by gerald bangs
    (plant city, fl usa)

    QUESTION: Even though my calorie count is below or at a losing weight level, I do not lose weight and gain a little each week.

    I watch my carbohydrate intake very carefully and rarely eat sweets. My blood sugar is in the 90s every day.

    My intake of fats is very low. Iam 5'7", down from 5'9". I weigh in the low 180s at present. I exercise in the pool every morning, with some swimming and some exercises.

    Perhaps I am eating the wrong kind of food. Are there some foods that I must avoid? Even those with low carb and fat?

    I am male, 85 years old. Have been overweight most of my life, though was down to 165 a few years ago.

    Most of my my excess weight is around the abdomen and upper hips, the most dangerous. I take actos and glipizide.

    ANSWER: Hi Gerald,

  • At your age, the metabolism of your body works at low capacity. This explains why it is difficult for you to lose weight.

    Another reason is related to the fat accumulated for a long time since you were younger. At this moment, it is difficult to take off this fat from you body.

    Keep in mind that the food and exercise activity are not the only things that interfere with weight gain.

  • Diabetes itself influence the fat metabolism, depositing sugar as fat in the fatty tissue.

  • On the other hand, the diabetic medications you are taking, and the related liver metabolism are other possible factors explaining your weight gain.

    Particularly, many diabetic patients have reported to gain weight while being on Actos and also on glipizide.

    Therefore, talk to your doctor to see any other alternative for you. Meanwhile, go on with this healthy regime for not facing other problems in future.

    All the best!


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