What type medication should I consider for prediabetes

by Helen

I'm an 83-year-old female diagnosed with prediabetes 5-6 years ago. Fasting morning glucose around 109-118 mostly.

Tried all kinds of food combinations but it will not go down to normal at night nor any other time! Lately, have had 2 or 3 high post meal(2 hr.)reading of 200 (Usually runs 140-170.)

Home A1C tests have been under 6 but worried that I haven't improved though I tried a couple of herbs recommended to lower sugar Sylvestre Gymnema & Alpha Lipoic Acid, cut bread, potatoes, sugar, etc drastically and try to keep carbs under 50 a meal.

Never a serious weight problem in my life, except now I struggle to keep it up to 120-125 because I'm trying to control my carbs.

Still quite active, gym 3 times weekly, daily 20 min or more walking or stationary bike (used to be more when younger), healthy heart, triglycerides normal without treatment, cholesterol readings normal since taking statins since 80's, no family members had diabetes except maybe one grandmother when she was old.

Diagnosed with diabetic damage to my eyes, but not serious enough for surgery. So frustrated.Hate to go on medication because of side effects but feel like I may have to. After reading late health reports, I'm wondering if the statin caused my prediabetes!


Hallo dear Madam,

As you have already read in the latest health –reports, statin drugs are indeed linked with increased risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

Latest reliable studies have shown that statins appear to increase the risk of type-II diabetes in two ways:

1. Statins increase a person insulin resistance, which is the one of the main
mechanisms for developing type- II diabetes.

2. Statins impair the pancreas ability to produce insulin

3. Statins activate a very specific immune response which stops insulin from doing its job properly.

Having used statin drugs for approximately three and a half decades, and having a very regular lifestyle, strongly suggests that your condition is caused by statin usage.
We encourage you to continue using Sylvestre Gymnema and Alpha lipoic acid in an attempt to lower your blood- glucose levels.

Some other plant-base therapies that have shown to decrease glucose- blood levels are as following:

1. Aloe Vera- It is one of the best natural treatments of Diabetes. It can decrease glucose levels up to 50%

2. Vitamin B1, B3, B6- they improve insulin tolerance

3. Bitter Melon-It is reported to have lowering glucose abilities.

4. Cinnamon- It increases the action of insulin in persons with type-II diabetes.

5. Bilbery extract- it has potent antioxidant abilities, improves capillary and venous blood flow, and prevents the thickening of the blood vessels, due to type-II diabetes.

6. Onion- Compounds found in onion block the breakdown of insulin in the liver, and stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, leading to a decrease of glucose- blood levels.
7. Fish oil- Apart from improving cholesterol and triglyceride levels, fish oil also has shown to improve glucose tolerance.

8. Hibiscus- it is a usual natural treatment of type-II diabetes in India. Usually, it is taken in the form of tea.

If your glucose levels tend not to improve, then you should consider talking to your doctor about your issue. Do not stop taking statins without consulting to your doctor first.

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