Does my sister have diabetes?

by Concern-About-Health

QUESTION: My sister took a random sugar test before meal and it was 144 and then approx two-three hrs. after meal and it 97. Could you tell me if she has diabetes?

ANSWER: Hi there,

At first, I want to inform you that the diagnostic process of diabetes is composed of several tests, which are oral glucose tolerance test, fasting blood glucose test, post-prandial blood glucose test and A1C test.

The random glucose test is not providing valuable information, because it depends on the exact day time of measurement, the period between the last meal and the measurement and of course the type of the food acquired.

The random blood glucose test executed by your sister can give such high result, if it was executed less than 2 hours after the meal.

I have to ensure you that the blood glucose concentration of every human being varies during the day.

Besides this, I want to inform you that the values from 64.8 to 104.4mg/dl are used as references values for the fasting glucose test. The other tests, used to diagnose diabetes have different reference ranges.

  • As far as I can see, the last test executed by your sister is similar to the post-prandial glucose test and the result is quite good, which means that at this point, you don’t have to worry about this.

    However, I think that it would be better for her to execute these tests under medical supervision, because mistakes during the execution of those tests can lead to false positive results.

    Generally, the false positive results are leading to wrong diagnosis and unnecessary treatment.

  • According to the last results, I can see that your sister has a very good glucose metabolism. However, I’m not sure if this test was executed properly, so you need to talk with your doctor and to repeat the test.

    Besides this, tell your sister to measure her blood glucose concentration in the morning, before the breakfast. This is known as fasting blood glucose test and it provides the most valuable information while trying to control sugar.

    Hope it helped!


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    My doctor misdiagnosed me as type 2 diabetic based on a sugar of 9.2; while now fasting is 3.9-4.2!

    by Josh

    QUESTION: I want to know if my doctor misdiagnosed me as type 2. Based on a sugar of 9.2 she said I was, I did not believe it as I felt it was my lifestyle, weight, diet pop and inactivity.

    I drank 6 L of diet pop a day, no water, binge ate 1 meal a day and slept about 4 hours.

    After the diagnosis, she wanted me on Metformin, I started it but also read everything for a cure, I lost 100 lbs, took cinnamon, chromium, garlic, and in under 2 months I was at 4.2 fasting and 6.3-6.7 post meal with a 3 month of 5.9%.

    Since then, I lost more weight, exercise more, eat healthier and have seen only improvement. I think she was wrong, my naturopath agrees, but my doctor will not accept it.

    She agrees I am a non diabetic based on numbers, but will not say it is possible i was misdiagnosed.

    What do you think of this situation, still at a fasting of 3.9-4.2?

    ANSWER: Hi Josh,

    First, I want to congratulate you as you have found the real cure to be healthy and far away from diabetes:)

    This is exactly what a diabetic should do when he/she is firstly diagnosed with diabetes. Lifestyle changes, dietary strategy and herbs are the first line of treatment for newly or to-be diabetic.

    Now, coming to your concern. If a doctor firstly sees a blood sugar level of 9.2 would recommend further tests to confirm diabetes:

    Fasting (if the above level is random); oral glucose tolerance test and A1C test.

    When a doctor gets the results, he/she will ask the patient if you have certain diabetes symptoms like being thirsty, frequent urination, feeling weak, etc.

    The next step is to ask about the lifestyle and diet one is conducting to get the real picture of his/her health situation.

    At the end, the doctor will come to a conclusion as following:

    - If the test results are high, you have certain early diabetes symptoms, the first line of treatment is to CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE OR DIET STRATEGY.

    One diabetic is not put on medication until the requested changes are not working. If after 3 months of these changes, the glucose numbers are still the same; the doctor is obligated to put that person on diabetic medications.

    - If your blood sugar results are really high and the doctor sees that they are very dangerous to your health; that is the case when he/she is obligated to put you on a 1 month drug therapy together with lifestyle and diet changes.

    As you can see by yourself, these changes you have made are crucial for the treatment of diabetes.

    As your doctor is my colleague, my medical ethic does not allow me to judge her actions as she has more medical data for your health status than me. My judgement is only based on what you are saying and more general.

    However, I would strongly recommend to continue your natural battle against diabetes as you are doing fine until now.

    Most diabetics end giving up at the third month of their natural battle as they do not have that strength and willing anymore.

    I hope that will not be your case! Wishing lots of willing and high determination!

    Best regards,


    Thanks Doc
    by: Josh

    COMMENT: Thanks a lot for your input,

    I am into month 4 now, still losing and in better shape than ever, I was rediagnosed and there is no sign of anything.

    My new doctor figures it was metabolic syndrome for sure and that so long as I stay healthy, I will never have to worry about diabetes, I really appreciate your thoughts and I understand you will not insult a fellow doctor.

    I wish she would have done some tests or something other than 1 blood test, but what can you do. I will say, people need to fight, the reward is amazing.

    REPLY: Hi Josh,

    Very happy to hear that you have been rediagnosed and are doing fine.

    Wish you to have the same strength, determination and optimism you have now. Hope you will never give up once you'll be fine:)))

    All the best!


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