Exercise Diabetes Type 2 - New Moderate-to-energetic (aerobic) exercise schedules

by Alba

Hi dear readers!

I was running through the latest up-dates on diabetes, and found out some new recommendations for type 2 diabetics while on exercise; so, I decided to share it with you!

In 2000, a guideline on "Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes" was set by the American College of Sports Medicine. All diabetics and those at risk were recommended to follow these guidelines on exercising .

They were recommended to light-to-moderate exercise, such as walking. This was set to keep them safe, because many diabetic have bone and weight problems.

However, in a recent study published at Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and Diabetes Care, carried out by Dr. Colberg and collaborators, it was re-designed the exercise regimen for people with type 2 diabetes .

Once again, this study emphasized the importance of exercise for diabetics, and encouraged them to perform a moderate-to-energetic exercises for at least 150 min/week. However, they are not allowed to run these exercises for more than 3 days/week or 2 consecutive days.

Another time-table is set for those at risk for type-2-diabetes, who are encouraged to go for moderate-to-energetic exercises for at least 2.5 hours/week to keep safe from diabetes onset.

However, exercise alone cannot do miracles. The combination of diet exercise and other life style changes can really make the difference!

Hope you can get profit for this latest share!

by: Daoud

Hi Dr

I do agree 100% ,I have discovered recently that I am type 2 diabetic ( one month ago ), since then I have started the change my lifestyle (food , Exercise and rest time ), Now you can not imagine the result I have achieved only I want to get back to my Doctor for more confirmation before share

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home blood sugar monitoring or self testing

QUESTION: Should type 2 diabetics test their own blood sugar levels? I have just been diagnosed and my sugar level was 14.9, but would like to keep track, but have been told that i don't need to.

Is this correct?


First, I need to know who told you not to self-test your blood glucose. If it was your doctor, then, you should follow his/her advice as he/she knows better your medical history.

If it was somebody else (of non-medical field), then, I would suggest to talk to your doctor for your own diabetes control.

With regards to my opinion, I would advise to keep tracking your blood sugar, record the results and present to your doctor to give him/her a more profound idea on your diabetes management.

It is true that self-monitoring machines are not 100 percent accurate; however, studies have shown that a diabetic can rely on these machines while monitoring blood glucose.

This inaccuracy is derived from:

- the inexperienced person: if you are self-testing, especially when newly-diagnosed diabetic, then, at the beginning, it would be difficult for you to test blood sugar until you get experienced.

- another factor is related to the clearing of the glucose-machine. According to manufacturer instructions, the machine should be cleared well after each measuring.

Furthermore, it is advised to do the testing of the machine according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Actually, every glucose meters are supplied with an additional testing liquid to estimate the accuracy and well-functioning of the machine.

- another factor include the way you draw the blood after finger-pricking.

It is advised to clear the skin where you want to do the pricking with alcohol, and to wait until alcohol is dried. This is because, the presence of non-dried alcohol will affect the blood glucose results.

In addition, after you have pricked your finger, please clear the first drawn-blood with a cotton. After that, you can measure the BG only with the next drawn blood.

If you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer correctly, then, the accuracy of self-monitoring of blood glucose will be very high while managing your diabetes.

All the best!


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World Diabetes Awareness Day November 14 / 2011

by Alba

Hi dear readers,

The Diabetes Awareness Day is close to the door. I just wanted to stop for a while and discuss with you why we need this day.

First, Why Diabetes?

Because this disease is spreading with a high velocity speed all around the world. 25.8 million people of all ages are affected, 8.3 percent of whom are U.S. residents. In addition, although 18.8 million people have been diagnosed; however, over 7.0 million others are not diagnosed yet.

Furthermore, kidney failure, non-traumatic lower-limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States are some of the devastating complications from diabetes. Moreover, diabetes is considered as the 7th leading cause of death in U.S., while it remains the major leading factor to heart disease and stroke.

Uau, that is incredible. Sometimes, I stop and think what is happening? Are we changing the world or our changes are damaging us?

Next, Why Awareness?

We are very busy with our daily life. There are times when we do not stop working or have any vacation, etc. We must learn. Although we might have a degree, we must keep on learning. This is the aim of awareness: to keep on learning and take actions.

We must know what is happening around us, even if it is not directly related with us, because if we sleep over, we will not succeed on beating Diabetes. We must know what is new and how it affects the old; we must know everything that changes, including the therapy schedules.

Why only One Day?

Although repetition is the mother of the knowledge, it is also the mother of bothering. If we keep talking on the same topic every day, nobody is going to listen to us. However, we cannot wait for miracles coming just in one day. We can only expect people got more conscious about their health and diabetes in particular.

As everything comes to a balance in our life, the same happens to the blood sugar levels. As you may probably know, if this balance is broken, diabetes appears; and if diabetes is uncontrolled, the above-mentioned devastating complications will come. That is our end.

We all are going to die; but each of us wants a decent death without wandering around the hospitals. Therefore, keep on learning, even for one day, because we do not know what we are going to get from that knowledge.

At the end, let us enjoying this day with all the knowledge and benefits it gives and hoping to keep on being healthy, far away from diabetes and other related problems.

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