Bariatric surgery as treatment of type 2 diabetes

QUESTION: I have heard about this bariatric surgery that can be used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes? Does it really work? If yes, how?


Bariatric surgery is a real innovation in the medicine. It consists in a major operation estimated to remove a part of the stomach. As a consequence, the volume of the stomach is reduced leading to a reduction of the food eaten.

In that way, the patients are starting to eat less and the organism is starting to burn the fat acids in purpose to adapt to the changed environmental conditions.

This is generally leading to weight loss and, also, reducing the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.

In general, diabetes type 2 is appearing as a result of reduction in the insulin secretion or insulin resistance. One of the ways for the treatment of this disease is connected with the reduced amount of glucose acquired.

This process is estimated by drugs, which are from the group of oral anti-diabetic drugs, and that are blocking the channels through which, glucose is entering the blood stream from the gastrointestinal system.

This effect may derive also as a result of bariatric surgery as this procedure is reducing volume of the stomach. Consequently, this is also associated with a reduction in the number of the glucose channels. Therefore, not all the glucose acquired with the food is entering the blood stream.

  • Nowadays, Bariatric surgery is one of the ways for the treatment of diabetes type two. However, this operation is not working to everyone. In purpose to obtain the needed result, one of the conditions of this procedure is that the patient must be younger.

    Besides this, other important condition is that the patient should be at the early stages of diabetes type 2.

    These operations are having greater result if the patients have a normal weight. You have to know that if diabetes type 2 is caused by reduction of the insulin secretion, this operation will help you for a certain period.

    The reduction of the insulin secretion is caused by progressive beta cells destruction. When all the beta cells are destroyed, you are going to be obligated to inject yourself insulin. Therefore, once you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, please, pay attention to all the right actions to control well blood sugar.

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    Use of Herbal or Allopathic Medicines!

    by Varun

    QUESTION: I have a Blood Sugar Level of 135-140 (fasting) and 160-180 (PP) diagnosed recently.

    I have started with lifestyle and dietary changes including taking natural medication such as Fenugreek. However, my doctor has prescribed Metformin twice a day.

    Is it best to start with Allopathy or should I try to bring the levels down by taking herbal tablets prescribed for Diabetics such as Diabecon?

    How successful will that be as compared to Allopathy and for how much time should I wait to see positive results, if any?

    ANSWER: Hi Varun,

    To my opinion, your blood sugar levels are considered high enough to start lifestyle, diet and herbal treatment as this is the first advice for newly-diagnosed diabetics.

    However, if your doctor has prescribed Metformin to you; I cannot give an exact opinion on this as I do lack data of your health status.

    Moreover, I cannot say exactly if you could go for Allopathy or Only herbal medicines, because you need to be closely followed by your doctor (I cannot do this).

    With regard to the time you might see the results; I can tell you that allopathic medicines (like Metformin) can give faster results than herbal medicines (as they are natural extracts and not drugs).

    Therefore, it would need some time (up to 3 months) to entirely see the effects of herbal medicines.

    Next, if you are wondering if Diabecon is good for diabetics, I cannot tell it for sure. However, I would advise to see what ingredients does this supplement have.

    To my knowledge it contains the extract of many herbs, including Gymnema sylvestre, Bitter Melon, and Aloe vera, which have been proven to lower blood glucose.

    The majority of the other herbs I am now aware of (or not known with their Indian names). You can do some more research for their efficacious to control diabetes.

    Hope it helped!


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