How can avoid complications from diabetes onset?

by Kate

Since 8 years I have diabetes.

Last time my A1C was 8.8 and I'm really worried about any future complications from diabetes.
How can I avoid complications from diabetes, some help?

steps to avoid diabetic complications
by: Anonymous

Actually Kate, A1C level indicates what your average blood glucose levels have been during the past 3 months. Usually, the A1C target for you should be less than 7%.

Your A1C is 8.8 %, which means that your average blood glucose level ranges from 205 to 240 mg/dl (normal should be less than 180 mg/dl).

Unfortunately, elevated blood glucose levels are harmful for your cardiovascular system, your kidneys, your feet, your eyes, and your teeth as well.

But, please be positive. Caring for diabetes effectively is within your control.

Do your part and believe me diabetes can?t beat a healthy active life style. Adopt round-the-clock obligation toward managing your diabetes. Here are some important tips to avoid the high risk of dangerous, even fatal complications:

There are things you should do daily:

1. Follow a healthy eating meal plan; if you don?t have one, ask your doctor

2. Add at least half an hour of physical activity to your daily life most days of the week

3. Keep your weight healthy.

4. Quit smoking; according to American Diabetes Association, diabetic smokers are 3 times at higher
risk of dying from heart diseases more than non-diabetic smokers.

5. Avoid stress, if not possible, learn how to handle it

6. Take your medications regularly

7. Monitor your blood sugar level every day; write down the number you read in your record book

8. Check the health of your feet every day for swellings, wounds, or red areas.

9. Keep a very good oral hygiene by careful tooth brushing and dental flossing.

Kate, your A1C is over 7, you will have to check it more often.

Keep your blood pressure around 130/80, and your target blood cholesterol level should be > 200 mg/dl.

At least, once each year, be sure to have:

1. Blood lipid test

2. Complete feet examination

3. Complete dental examination

4. Dilated eye exam to detect any eye problems

5. Urine test (to check for protein) and a blood test (to check for creatinine) to detect any troubles in your kidneys

6. Flu shot
Finally, get a Pneumonia vaccine at least once.

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