Nausea & Lightheaded Type 2 Diabetic!

by Ray
(Encounter Bay, SA, Australia)

Nausea Lightheaded Type 2 Diabetic

Nausea Lightheaded Type 2 Diabetic


I am type 2 diabetic and have been since 2003. My blood sugars are always with in the 5 to 8 mmols region.

My question is: Could this be the cause of my constant nausea and lightheaded with weakness and unsteadiness that lasts for weeks then goes away, maybe for 3 - 5 days then returns.

I've always been aware of my sugar levels and taken care with diet etc. My last HBA1C was 4.9.

I just can't seem to get too much help with my problem here in Australia - all I seem to get from Dr's is "its part of diabetes" and never any real help.

I have requested from my Dr an appointment with an Endocrinologist, hoping he/she ail be able to help with this.

Incidentally, I have had brain scans, eye test, hearing test and all come back OK. Only test I have not had really is my heart, and that makes me wonder even further as to the type of care I am getting from my doctor.

Hope you can perhaps shed some light on my problem.



First of all, I need to have some more info regarding your health status:

- What is you age? - There are some health conditions that might have the signs you are experiencing.

- Do you have any problem with your urinary tract? - How often do you go to the bathroom (pee)? Have you ever had any urine analysis till
now? Urinary tract problems(infections, etc.) are often related to diabetes and the signs you are describing.

- Have you ever perform any test for your feces (examination for parasites or gastro-intestinal candidosis)? Do you have any problem with your colon or defecation? Have you had problems with diarrhea or constipation recently?

These type of problems are often associated with the weakness and lightheaded you have, especially when you are on medication treatment.

- Have you been cured for common cold or flu or any other infection recently?

- Did you perform a total blood count? What was the result of your white and red cells count? What about the hemoglobin level?

When a person has anemia or infection (shown in the blood count results); lightheaded and weakness are also present.

- When you have these problems, have you ever checked your blood sugar at that precise moment? Perhaps, you might be suffered of a very low glucose levels?

This is all I can help you until now. If you give me the info I asked; perhaps I would help you more.

However, you can discuss with your doctor regarding my requested questions and see if they might help you find out the right answer.

Looking forward to have your info and help you more.


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