Afternoon Diabetic Swollen Foot Causes?

by mueni

QUESTION: My mum gets the foot swollen afternoon and even hard but in Morning it looks ok.

She has not gone to clinic since december 2011.

ANSWER: Hi there,

It is important to know that the swollen foot requires medical attention, because it might indicate possible dangerous conditions.

So, it is better to take her to the clinic and get checked by her caring doctor.

In the following paragraphs, I will try to explain some possible causes to her swollen foot to consider, and that you should discuss with her caring doctor:

1. Patients, who are suffering from cardio-vascular problems, like chronic hearth failure can develop swelling of the feet. In this case, the also called edema is warm and hard.

I don’t know if you mother is suffering from chronic hearth failure, but I think she has to consult with cardiologist, because it is common for diabetic patients to get hearth problems too.

The fact that the edema develops in the afternoon and it disappears in the morning, speaks for chronic hearth failure. However, only her doctor can confirm her exact diagnosis.

2. The second possible cause is the kidney damage caused by diabetes. During such damage, large amount of proteins (albumin) are lost with the urine, which leads to low protein concentration in the blood.

Of course, where there is no protein, which can keep the water inside the blood vessels,
the water comes out and it gets stored under the skin. In this case, the edema is cold and pretty soft.

3. Other possible option is the liver damage caused by diabetes. You have to know that the albumin is produced by the liver.

When liver is damaged, the albumin is insufficient and it can’t keep the water in the blood vessels. The edema in this case is just like the one observed in patients with kidney problems.

4. Possible explanation of the edema is the existence of subcutaneous enlarged veins. Generally, this condition is observed in old people, which are having cardio-vascular problems.

This is probably the most dangerous condition, because there is a risk for thrombosis. In purpose to verify if this causes the edema of your mother’s foot, try to look for larger blue lines on her feet.

5. Something else it the so called Charcot’s atrophy. This condition occurs in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.

During this condition, the bones of the patient are becoming weak, but there is slight sensation of pain, along with sudden bone fractures. Because of the bone fractures, the feet are swelling.

  • As you can see by yourself, there are many factors that can cause the development of this unpleasant symptom.

    So, it would be better for her to talk with her caring physician, because a lot of clinical tests are required for the confirmation of certain diagnosis.

    Hope it helped!


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