Taking Amaryl Galvus HbA1C level ranges between 7 - 8

by Harinathan.K

I am a senior citizen aged 68. For the past 30 years, I have been diagnosed as type 2 Diabetes. All these years, I have been maintaining good food habits and keep walking everyday.

I also undergo annual master health check up.I take Amaryl, Galvus etc. as per the prescription of my doctor.

For over 10 years, my HbA1C level ranges between 7-8.

I would like to know how, I can become normal with HbA1c level below 7, especially with food habits rather than tablets.



I read your message and understood your problem.

I see you have 30 years with type 2 diabetes. The fact that you had to be under medication means that the years were passing your body was not able anymore to control the glucose levels in blood depending only on diet and exercise.

Keeping the HBA1c levels between 7 to 8 is normal in a person who has long-standing diabetes.

Another fact is that levels under 7% of HBA1c may lead to episodes of hypoglycemia in some people so it is not safe.

On the other hand, you are in a stage where you can not control the disease only with diet and exercise.

You medications prescribed by your doctor are crucial in maintaining the best glucose levels possible.

Proper diet and regular exercise will help these drugs to work better and will prevent the complications of diabetes.

So you need them all, medication, diet and exercise at the same time.

Quitting one of these will lead to treatment failure and other health problems.

In your case, it is a kind of impossible to reach an HBA1c under 7 and if it is reached it may lead to hypoglycemia.

My advice is to maintain all the good habits you already have and do not aim to abandon the drug intake.

HBA1c between 7 and 8 means that diabetes is well controlled and you are doing great in your efforts to improve the blood glucose levels.

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you.

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