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Welcome to our Diabetes FAQ, the place where you can get more real knowledge on Diabetes.

It is true that surfing in net to find the info you need can be such a difficult issue.

That is why we create this section

where you can ask a question about any concern on diabetes you may have.

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it's easy to do.

Ask Diabetes Complications.

Complications are fastidious and serious at the same time. In this section is designed for any question you may have regarding diabetes complications, why do they occur and how to take properly care and preventive measures.

Ask Diabetes Test And Levels

Understanding the figures of blood sugar level will help better manage your condition. Thus, in this category, you can ask for any concerns related to the test to measure blood sugar, when to perform them, how to read the results and what do the results mean. Furthermore, you can add your own comments on normal blood sugar levels or any other blood glucose level you may have.

Ask Drugs Side Effects

Drugs are very good at lowering high blood sugar levels. However, they do carry the great risk of side effects. Here you have the space to ask about the most common diabetes medications and their side effects as well as asking about the new drugs for lowering blood sugar. Diabetes Diet and Foods

Following the right diet and foods is a very difficult issue for diabetics. If you say "don't" is like you are saying "do-it". Diabetics cannot resist to restrictions for too long. They will give up. The most important thing is to think positively. If something harms your body and worsen diabetes, why not stopping it before it is too late. Write to us your concerns about the foods and diet, and we will come to you (hopefully) with the right solutions.

Ask Diabetes Herbs

We have designed this section for any question you may have about natural cures for diabetes, how do they work to lower your blood sugar levels, where to find and how to use them.

Ask Dype 2 Diabetes Information

This section is designed especially for type 2 diabetes. You amy ask about any concern you may have about type 2 diabetes, treatments, diet strategy, proper lifestyle changes to lower high blood glucose levels.

Ask Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of a woman's life. However, it comes with certain risks, including gestational diabetes. In this section, you may write down all your worries about diabetes during pregnancy, how to take proper care, bwhat diet to follow, what foods to eat and other steps to undertake in order to lower blood sugar and not harm your baby and yourself too.

Ask Diabetes Meal Plan

Organizing your own meal is not an easy job, especially when it comes to a diabetic meal. However, while you are deciding what you should eat for dinner tonight, leave us a message with your concerns and we will come to you with a solution.

Reviewed on 12.02.2023

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