Popcorn Glycemic Index ?

by Ellen

QUESTION: My mom has 10 years diagnosed with type ii diabetes. She is managing her diabetes with diet and metformin (twice daily).

She is feeling much better, but is still tired, and lack of energy.

Sometimes, she is tired of limiting her food, and "make some exceptions", including eating popcorn. I have tried to bake in microwave, but she prefers them prepared with oil and salt.

What's exactly the popcorn glycemic index? Is the microwave popcorn glycemic index higher or lower? Is it really high?

I have also found ready-made popcorn in market, and want to know the air popped popcorn glycemic index.

Thank you.

ANSWER: First of all you have to know that Metformin is a drug, which has to be taken after meal just to reduce the level of the blood sugar.

The therapy with Metformin gives result after a few months of use because the organism needs time to get used to this drug.

If the therapy continues more then a few months you have to go to your doctor for changing the dose.

It is important for you to know that popcorn raises very fast the level of the blood glucose and this is the reason why the popcorn is classified as a food with medium or high glucose index depending on how it is prepared.

The popcorn glycemic index is medium (around 55) when they are baked in the microwave and high (above 70) when the popcorn are oil popped with salt. The air popped popcorn have a glycemic index of 79, which is also high.

For that reason your mother has to reduce the consumption of popcorn because of her glucose blood level or to concentrate only on the eating of popcorn made in the microwave.

My advice is to expel from her diet oil-popped and the air-popped popcorn.


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