Glycemic Index Honey Taking?

QUESTION: I love honey, usually take one tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach. My mother does the same, but she likes to take also a tablespoon of olive oil each morning, I cannot bear it.

My mom is diabetic, controlling with diet, exercise and Glibenclamide.

I am worried about her health, does honey affect her blood sugar? What's the glycemic index of honey? Is it high or low?

I know honey is a "powerful" remedy, but I don't want my mom's blood sugar spike.

Thank you.

ANSWER: As you may know Glibenclamide is a drug for controlling the blood sugar and a patient should takes is according to certain scheme.

Yes you are absolutely right that honey is “powerful” remedy because it is a antioxidant which means that honey helps the organism to remove some of the radical that are affecting at the organism in bad way.

The glycemic index of honey is 55 and for that reason it is classified as a medium glycemic index. Your mother is doing well by taking a spoon of olive oil every morning.

That is explained by the fact that the olive oil reduces the fat acids and the cholesterol in the organism and for that reason this oil protects the organism from strokes and heart attacks.

As you may know strokes, heart attacks and thrombosis in general are consequence of the atherosclerosis- forming a plaque inside the blood vessels. This plaque is a result of changes in the levels of the blood sugar, fat acids and cholesterol.

Your mother is taking a olive oil which reduces the fat acids and cholesterol and the risk of complications like stroke or heart attack is reduced.

Take care!

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