Question About Glycemic Index Red Wine?

QUESTION: I have heard around that a glass of red wine is good for health. How true is it?

What about the glycemic index red wine? Is it high or low? Can a diabetic have a glass of red wine every day?

What is the difference between glycemic index of red wine and vinegar? What about the fruit (grapes or wines) white or red or black? Do their glycemic index differ from that of the alcoholic drink (red or white wine)?
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ANSWER: Hi there,

You have to know that the glycemic index of the wines is basically low. In addition, the glycemic index of the vinegar and the different types of grape is low also.

The other thing estimated is that the consumption of red wine could improve the condition of your organism, because it can stimulate the cardio-vascular system to work in a proper way.

However, other thing has to be mentioned, regarding the red wine and its usage from patients with diabetes. As you probably know, the red wine is alcohol and the alcohol causes hypoglycemia.

As you may know, during this condition your blood glucose is low and your brain can stop working because of it. As you can see by yourself, it might threaten your life.

The exact cause of the hypoglycemia is that alcohol inhibits the enzymes in the liver and they stop to transform the glycogen in to sugar.

Besides this, the alcohol metabolism requires a lot of energy, which is provided by the glucose. For that reason, great part of the glucose enters in the cells, which aggravates the hypoglycemia.

It is true that red wine contains small amount of alcohol regarding the vodka and the whiskey, however, as it remains to be alcoholic drink, it is not advisable to use it.

In this way, you will improve the condition of your cardio-vascular system and you will prevent the hypoglycemia development.

  • Other important thing for your health is to look for the symptoms of hypoglycemia when you are drinking wine. Some of these symptoms are: nervousness, sweating, pale skin and intense hunger.

    If you notice some of these symptoms you have to stop drinking wine immediately and to put something sweet under your tongue. In this way, you will prevent further complications of the hypoglycemia.

    Hope it helped!


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