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Actually this food list shows you those foods which contain “good” carbohydrates. This means that these foods help you keep steady blood sugar levels. That's why it is a useful issue not only for diabetics, but also for those with corornary heart disease, those who are obese and those playing sports.

All the foods included in the low glycemic food list have their GI lower than 55. What is more, they are high in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in fats. All these criteria make this food list special and more beneficial.

Keep in mind that although you may use low glycemic foods, you still are not safe and that food is not considered the good and right for you. If the food has low GI, but is high in “bad” fats, colorings, additives and/or preservatives, these make that food unhealthy and not good choice.

But this is not the case for this kind of food list. Due the above criteria, they are considered the healthiest and best choice for you as diabetic.

So, if you want to organize your diabetic meal plan, do it according to the low glycemic food list. At the same time, you may lose weight in a safe steady way. There is a variety of fruits and vegetables which serve as a great low glycemic foods source.

The low glycemic food list

I've tried to give a list of foods with low glycemic index below. Keep in mind that the GI for each food I've put in brackets. For each group I've given the best choice.

I want you to realize that based on the glicemic index, some foods are distinguished as the best solution for you as a diabetic. Be aware of some other types of foods that have a high index glicemik within these food categories.


Whole grain, darker and rougher breads have lower GI than all white bread which can be chewed easily. The best options are:

100 % Whole wheat (49)

Pumpernickel (40)

Rice and grains:

Be away from plain jasmine rice or instant white rice because they have higher GI. Your best choices could be as follows:

Parboiled rice (43)

Barley (29)


Although they might be the best choice for you, there are some fruits which raise your blood sugar and you must keep away from.

Within the fruits category, when you select the following, you will get greater results:

Grapefruits (24)

cherries (22)

Apples (38)


Here we go to the best of the best. Full of fiber, low GI, they make a great choice to keep your blood sugar under control.

Some of the best of this category include:

Peppers (10)

Onions (10)

Broccoli (11)

Meanwhile, within the veggies category, legumes constitute a low GI “sub-category” which is also high

in fiber content. Some important samples within legume family include:

Yellow split peas (34)

Lentils (30)

Kidney beans (29)

At the end, I want you to be ware of some “companies” products which label their food as low GI when in fact they are not. Be smart and learn how to distinguish them, especially when talking about processed foods.

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