Popcorn Glycemic Index Variations

by Kay
(Port Charlotte, FL, USA)


Can you explain how microwave popcorn, air popped popcorn and oil popped popcorn can have such varied GI?

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hello,

Popcorn has a Glycemic index (GI) of 55 per serving (one cup of plain air-popped popcorn has an GI of 36).

The variations depend on the way you cook and/or process; that will also alter its nutrient properties, and GI subsequently.

For example, if you use oil or butter to prepare popcorn, that will increase its calories, and lose its healthy properties.

If you add also salt, then, that is not considered a healthy snack anymore. That’s why we recommend adding some seasonings while preparing popcorn.

Or if you use already buttered popcorns, not from you but from the industry, and you do not have the control, then, this is not considered a healthy snack, it has increased calories plus increased glycemic load.

Furthermore, if you use already packed popcorn, the chemicals inside the package will increase the risk for cancer and induce inflammatory processes in the body causing aggravation of inflammatory diseases.

In the attachment, I’m giving some basic information regarding the changes of Glycemic index of popcorn depending on the cooking methods.

Hope this answers your query. Let me know if you have any other concern.



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