Sweet Potato Glycemic Index?

by Addisson

QUESTION: I am used to eat sweet potato and I love it. Five years ago, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my doctor advised to stop eating sugary foods. I love sweet potato, but I don't know its glycemic index and if I can still eat?

Another thing: What has more sugar, white or yellow sweet potato? What about baked potato glycemic index? Do they have any difference?

Could you provide any diabetic sweet potato recipe?

Thank you!

ANSWER: First of all you have to know that the glycemic index of sweet potato is relatively low- 54, and the lowest from all other types of potato because the glycemic index of baked potato is high and the exact value is 85.

You have to know that the glycemic index of mashed potato is 65 and for that reason is classified as medium.

My advice to you is to concentrate on the usage of sweet potato because the have the lowest glycemic index regarding all other types of potato.

Please find some recipes for cooking sweet potatoes as following.

1. The first recipe is related with the mixture orange sweet potatoes. All you need to prepare this meal is 4 potatoes half of tea spoon orange peel which is grated, a half of cup of orange juice, some brown sugar to provide some extra flavor, a quarter of teaspoon of cinnamon and some Angostura bitters for additional

Important for you is to add a little brown sugar just to make some extraordinary flavor of the meal and because brown sugar has lower glycemic index as compared to the white one.

So, for the preparation of the meal you need to boil the potatoes. When your potatoes become tender enough you have to remove their skin and to mash them.

Once you have a mashed potatoes add the rest of the ingredients and whip them until they get fluffy. When you are done with this all you have to do is to cover the potatoes with folio and bake them at 350 degrees for around thirty minutes.

2. The other recipe that I want to pass to you is called "apples and sweet potatoes". All you need to do this is: four sweet medium potatoes, one table spoon of whipped butter and two table spoons of concentrated apple juice.

Besides, this you need salt and pepper to taste and one medium sizes apple which is peeled and serrated at little pieces and some nutmeg.

For the preparation of the meal you have to boil them for 30-40 minutes and after that to peel and mash them. When you get the mashed potatoes add the apple juice, the slat and the pepper.

Stir this mixture with the small pieces of the apple and the nutmeg then warm them at 350 degrees for several minutes before serving.

Buon appetite!


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