Normal Blood Sugar Level 90, Lately got 121

by Sadie


Sadie U. B. Moss

ANSWER: Hello Sadie,

I read your message carefully and understood your medical problem.

First of all, I would like to have further information of your current health condition.

I need to know :

- what type of blood glucose test was it: a fasting or a random test?

- What about your diet lately? Any change? Have you "broken" your good eating habits recently?

- Any other signs and symptoms you may have noticed recently?

- Have been taking any medicine lately or have you been diagnosed with any disease?

A fasting blood glucose test 121 mg/dL is considered borderline.

A random blood glucose test of less than 140 mg/dL is considered normal. If you did a random test then you are completely healthy.

There are many conditions that may cause hyperglycemia or high blood glucose levels. Most of these causes consist of hormonal imbalances.

Cushing disease, thyroid problems, pancreatitis and some medications especially steroids may develop hyperglycemia.

A heavy meal full of carbs may increase the levels of sugar and also alcohol can contribute too.

Infections and surgeries increase the blood sugar rapidly within several hours. When in stressful periods it is common for the blood sugar to rise so if this is your case try to avoid it.

It is very important that you must notice what has changed recently in your general health and identify the symptoms.

Anyway, there is nothing much to worry about blood sugar in your case. If you have been diagnosed before with diabetes your numbers mean that you are successfully controlling the blood sugar levels with medication.

If you do not have previous diabetes then the worse news would be prediabetes which you can control it by diet and regular exercise. This is what I can assume by the nonspecific numbers you gave me.

If none of the lifestyle changes is present, then an underlying condition is possible and you need to see your doctor for a check-up to determine the underlying cause.

Hope this is helpful for you. Please send the requested details to me.


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