Why isn't my blood sugar going down?

by peggy
(denver, co.)

QUESTION: When I first got diabetes, my blood sugar was at 800, then I went on lantus insulin and metformin and glipizide.

At first, it took a while for my blood sugar to go down, I was really doing well and now I am at 300 and above most of the time, I take 26 units of insulin every night and still I an having these issues.

I am so tired of giving up all the food that I enjoy and still I am having problems, please help!

ANSWER: Hi Peggy,

I understand that you are having a tough time now, but, think that this is the best way you can help yourself.

With regards to your situation, I would like to add:

  • First, I want to know when you were diagnosed with diabetes for the first time.

  • Next, I would like to know if you were taking any other medication at that time; or if you were suffering from any other disease or condition.

    This is to help me realize if these medications or health conditions would be the reasons for such high blood sugar level you had.

    Once you treat these conditions, or stop taking certain drugs, your blood sugar will have more improvement.

  • In lack of above-mentioned data, I would say that you are doing very well in managing your diabetes.

    As per your words, your blood glucose (BG) have been dropped from 800 to 300; and this, for me, is like a huge success.

  • Next, you are asking why your blood glucose is not dropping more than that. Remember that there exist many factors to explain what is happening to you.

    a. One of them include your age. The older one person, the more difficult it would be to have low BG.

    b. Another factor include your emotional and psychological state. If you are having much stress (including that related to your concern why BG is not dropping), or have an overload at work or any personal or familiar problem; that will make it difficult to lower BG.

    Once you settle your stress problems and overcome them; you will succeed in keeping your BG at almost normal level.

    c. Next, I would like to know what blood sugar levels you are referring to. If it is related to BG after eating; please remember, that such level as yours could be called as acceptable blood sugar. Talk to your doctor for more details on your personal experience.

    If you are referring to your fasting blood glucose, if you follow certain guidelines, you can succeed in having acceptable fasting BG.

  • As you may see, there are so many other factors that contribute in diabetes and persistent high BG. You can discuss with your doctor about your personal experience or/and factors to come out with the best solution.

    This is all I can give to you as I do not have all your clinical background. Hope the best for you!


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