Sugar Level 173

by Mr. Ashur

I just toke a needle blood test after \i had my breakfast 2 hour and 30 minutes ago the screen show 173

My wt is 103kg my hight is 5.8 Does that mean Iam approveing the danger zone of daibets or already Iam in it?

Further I always feel very tired also my BP level is always 140/90 after I take my medications my age is 61 years old. Please you advice

I just ask a quetion but I forget to add my e-mail my name is Ashur from kuwait and my e mail is Thanks

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Dec 10, 2016

by: Dr.Albana

Hi Mr. Ashur,

Thank you for trusting your health concern to us.

I have gone through your medical history carefully and understood your concerns.

Postprandial glucose test must show a result under 160 in order to be considered as normal.
However, figures less than 180 mg/dL can also consider normal too.

This test is not enough to determine if you have diabetes or not. You must run other tests like fasting glucose test, HbA1c, and glucose tolerance test.

The blood glucose level may vary because of diet too. My first opinion is that you do not have diabetes. Blood glucose levels 140-199 mg/dl after eating carbs is considered pre-diabetes. However, if you have consumed a large meal, we cannot say it for sure.

Try to better control the glucose levels and your hypertension. Losing weight is very important in controlling hyperglycemia.

Do the fasting glucose test first then the result will determine if you need to repeat the fasting test or if you will do other tests like HbA1c.

Hypertension drugs also affect the blood glucose levels so please take care to take these drugs only as your doctor has prescribed to you.

Hope this is helpful.

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