Is blood sugar level of 107 or 110 mg/dL high?

by Roni

Causes of Slightly High Blood Sugar

Causes of Slightly High Blood Sugar


I have been having just alittle bit high blood sugar which goes some times up to 107 or 110 and my doctor said that i do not have to worry about it.

I am not sure if that number is high or normal. I have not been taking any kind of medications. So, I want to know: Is 107 a good blood sugar level? What about up to 110 blood sugar level range?


ANSWER: Hi Roni,

First, let me remind you that the normal blood glucose concentration is between 64.8-104.4 mg/dl. As you can see by yourself, everything seems to be ok with your glucose metabolism.

Moreover, keep also in mind that slight deviations are allowed due to different apparatuses, used in the laboratories, different reagents and of course individual differences.

Therefore, having blood glucose results of 107 or 110 does not have to terrify you, because a lot of factors can lead to such results.

First possible explanation of such slight elevation in the blood glucose concentration is the consumption of food, just right before the fasting blood glucose test. Remember that you have to be fasting before running this test.

Other factor, which can explain your slight elevation in blood glucose is having a dinner rich in calories, the day before.

You have to know that the organism needs time to use the glucose acquired with the food and when you are eating a lot, your blood glucose is higher.

However, this doesn't mean that you have diabetes or something like that.

While blood sugar levels in the 107 to 110 mg/dL range are not an immediate cause for concern, they are a signal to pay attention to your overall health and consider making lifestyle changes.

What does blood sugar level 107 to 110 mg/dL after eating mean?

Normal blood sugar level (bsl) after eating is considered less than 140 mg/dL. Your reading is ranging from 107 to 110 mg/dL.

So, this is perfectly normal, it is also not considered prediabetic, nor high enough to be a diabetic.

Normally, bg would increase immediately after eating. But, after 2 hours the sugar will get back to normal range. This happening in your case too. So, you must try your best to keep this range of bg.

  • In addition, I want to inform you that there are certain early symptoms of diabetes such as urinating a lot, eating more than usual and drinking plenty of water.

    Therefore, it is possible for you to have diabetes if you experience some of the symptoms mentioned above.

  • Besides, if you are worried about your blood glucose tests results, you can always to do something in purpose to avoid such results in the future.

    What can I do to lower my blood sugar levels?

    The best way for you is to start following a healthy diet and to begin with the exercises.

    Those activities are going to reduce the glucose concentration in your organism, which means that such results are no going to appear again.

    Next, quitting bad habits (alcohol, smoking, etc) can also reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

    Can lifestyle changes help bring down blood sugar levels in this range?

    Yes, lifestyle changes can be highly effective in helping to bring down blood sugar levels in the range of 107 to 110 mg/dL and maintaining healthy blood sugar control.

    Lifestyle changes are often the first line of defense in managing blood sugar levels, and they can be highly effective, especially in cases of prediabetes or early-stage diabetes.

    What is the risk of developing diabetes with these blood sugar levels?

    Blood sugar levels in the range of 107 to 110 mg/dL typically fall within the category of "impaired fasting glucose" or "prediabetes."

    While blood sugar levels in this range are not in the diabetic range, they indicate an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes if left unaddressed.

    If this is still not enough, and your bsl keep being high, then, you can try a natural alternative to use safely. Click here to learn more.

    Or if you want to get a more specialized help, click here to type your health query, and get personalized answers from our doctors.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


    Last medically reviewed 10/26/2023

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    Oct 23, 2016
    Blood sugar 107 mg/dL
    by: Anonymous

    My blood sugar levels is 107 mg/dL and my doctor says nothing over 100. Slacking on the diet.

    Nov 20, 2016

    by: Dr.Alba


    Thank you for posting.

    Your blood sugar level (bsl) of 107 mg/dl falls within normal range.

    Take note that the upper limit for blood sugar is:
    - fasting: 110
    - two hours after eating: less than 180

    So, yours (107) is within normal range in either cases.

    If your doctor said nothing over 100, I advise to sit down with your doctor and discuss further about your blood sugar numbers.

    Individual ranges are highly recommended depending on the personal health situation of the patient and personal/family history.

    If you are having any symptom with the current blood sugar levels, please let me know. Perhaps we are missing something here and should go for further evaluations.

    Hope this answers your query!

    Jun 11, 2018
    Glucose 110
    by: Anonymous

    QUESTION: Hello,

    3/18 my glucose was 89
    6/18 i have lost 15lb and have been eating a lot
    of fruit my fasting glucose was 110 .
    could eating fruit have caused this increase.

    I had a total knee replacement 4/18.
    My primary want me to have a HA1C.

    ANSWER: Hello,

    Your case seems to be related to nocturnal hypoglycemia as you've been eating low glycemic fruits/foods.

    Better to check HbA1C level, and rule out anemia first.

    Try to have your meals regularly during all daytime.

    Let me know your HbA1C result.

    All the best.

    Jul 16, 2018
    Fasting blood sugar 112 but urinate often why?
    by: Anonymous

    QUESTION: Hello Doctor

    My fasting blood sugar is 112 but I urinate often.. What is it and how do I be free from it please I need a clear answer please

    ANSWER: Hello,

    I understand your concern. Urinating often is linked to diabetes, but not only. There are other factors that are also causing frequent urination.

    The most common causes are infections of urinary tract, consumption of caffeinated drinks/alcohol; stress.

    I advise to get a home testing of urine to rule out infection first.

    Avoid drinking fluids after 6 p.m.

    Avoid excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks, try to cope with stress.

    Hope this helps.

    Aug 09, 2018
    Blood sugar 154 when woke up; blood pressure 140 over 95
    by: Anonymous

    QUESTION: Hello,

    I was wondering my blood sugar was at 154 when I woke up I'm breast feeding as well is that normal or bad.

    Also my blood pressure is at 140 over 95 is that good as well or bad .

    My husband lately his heart rate on the blood pressure monitor said it was 117 heart rate and 122 another time is that normal?

    ANSWER: Hello,

    If the blood sugar levels you checked when you woke up,then, I advise to recheck them again:
    - fasting, make sure you do not eat or drink anything from the night before until morning except for plain water.
    - get a sugary drink, then, check again after 2 hours. If still high, should check HbA1C level.
    - Blood pressure is high perhaps due to coffee intake, or stress. Should monitor blood pressure for 1 week, record the results for reference.
    Can send to me the results to analyze them.

    - With regards to your husband's increased heart rate, it could be due to caffeinated drinks or energetic drinks he might be using.
    I advise to consult further with cardiologist, and run a complete cardiac check up to rule out cardiovascular problems.

    Hope this answers to your queries.
    Let me know if you have any other concern. Do not forget to send the reports to me soon.


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