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Medically reviewed by Dr.Ruden Cakoni, MD, Endocrinologist

Fasting sugar 130, post lunch 160, on medicines. Is it normal?

by Srvd
(Hyderabad )


My fasting sugar is 130 mgdl, post lunch 160 mgdl, I am taking medicine 2 times daily. Is my sugar normal now?

ANSWER: Hello Srvd,

A fasting sugar level of 130 is a bit higher than normal levels. If you are a diabetic, and are taking medicines for that, then, this is perfect controlling of diabetes.

By the way, can you please mention the names of medications you are currently taking to lower blood sugar levels?

Furthermore, your post-lunch blood glucose is within acceptable sugar levels for diabetics.

I want to congratulate for this achivement.
If you keep it like this, I believe, you will finish reducing the dose of the drugs you are currently taking. Until, one day, you'll finish taking one of them off, but not both of them.

But first, you should monitor your blood glucose levels, and record the results for reference.

Hope this answers your query.
Looking forward to have to know the names of hypoglycemiant medications you are currently taking.


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