Glucose Level Paradox

by Dr. Emil Katz
(Tel Aviv , Israel)


I'm 67 years old and intensively exercise daily. My morning glucose levei is 120-135 for the last 10 years. In the afternoon however 3-4 hours after lunch the level is bellow 100.

As with any test or phenomena in life only 95 % of the population falls under the Gauche curve, can this be my case which means that my normal fasting level is slightly out of the statistics and it is not 126 cut-off level but 135-for instance?

ANSWER: Hi Dr.Emil,

As I can see from your glucose results, there is no such paradox in your glucose readings. It could be right to say that your normal morning glucose levels falls within 120 - 135 range.

There are many explanation to such high glucose readings, including morning hormones, the quantity of carbs consumed at dinner, your age and the speed of metabolic processes in your body.

Therefore, as you cannot do anything to change the high levels of your morning hormones (that are needed to provide you the energy for a new day) and your age and the low speed of your metabolic processes; you can reduce high carb intake at dinner.

If we refer to the new ADA/EASD recommendations for 2012 regarding the management of type 2 diabetics, your morning blood sugar seems to be ok.

only preoccupation is your A1C level, but, unfortunately, you did not provide this figure. Although the new lower limit is set to be 7%, it all depends on the current health condition of the patient, age, or other related co-morbidity.

My opinion of not to worry about your morning blood sugar is also supported by your random blood glucose levels (up to 100), which is very very good.

However, I am not trying to say that you should sleep in peace. I do encourage you to continue lifestyle and dietary changes (as I mentioned above) in order to keep your sugar ranges as normal as possible although the age or other problems you might have.

At last, please, always consult with your doctor as he/she knows better your health condition as I lack this information.

Hoping that my answer has helped you!


Comments for Glucose Level Paradox

Requests For Dr. Emil Katz

by: Bonny Damocles

Dr. Emil Katz,

Please provide Dr. Alba your latest A1c result.

As I am very interested to learn from your experience with your type 2 diabetes, will you kindly tell us what anti-diabetes drug or drugs you have taken since your diagnosis.


Bonny Damocles
Type 2 Diabetic since July 1991 (21 years ago)
76 years old, 141 lbs., 5'7" tall
Past A1c's: 5.2% to 6.3%
Only Anti-Diabetes Medication: Daily Exercise

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Convert Blood Sugar Reading of 12.3 to USA Terms

by PJV

QUESTION: My son recently was in South Africa and his Blood sugar reading was 12.3. What does that convert to in USA terms please? I think South Africa is the same as Canada



First, I want to remind you that there exist 2 systems of blood sugar reading: mg/dL and mmol/L. If you want to convert mmol/L to mg/dL, just multiply your figure with 18.

So, if your son's blood sugar level is 12.3, I think it is in mmol/L. As you are not accustomed with mmol/L, just multiply your son's result with 18 as following:

12.3 X 18 = 221.4 (approximately)

  • What I can see is that your son's blood sugar is really high. However, we should know when did he performed his test: whether fasting, after or during mealtime or any physical activity, etc.

    I am asking all these info, because there are various factors influencing blood sugar readings. Therefore, we must know the real causes to prepare the right strategy.

    In case your son is diabetic, I think he should add more effort to control his blood glucose reading. This will help him feel better and safe from any probable diabetes complications.

    Therefore, your son should pay a visit to his doctor to change the therapy if he is taking any drug; and any other strategy.

    In either cases, he must go to a doctor to evaluate his medical condition.

    Hope it helped!


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    Emergency blood sugar remote monitoring system?

    by Alaima

    QUESTION: What is the emergency blood sugar remote monitoring system? Is it available only for hospital based or one can have at home? Thank you.

    ANSWER: Hi Alaima,

    An emergency blood sugar remote monitoring systems, in other words, means that every diabetic has to test his blood sugar constantly no matter where he is, not only in the hospital.

  • Therefore, it is important for you purchase a glucose meter that you should take anywhere you go, because this little (but important) device will provide you the opportunity to measure your blood sugar at any time and every where.

    The monitoring of your blood sugar level is not that simple task because you have to know the exact values of the blood sugar, and you must also be sure that your meter is providing accurate results.

    For your general knowledge, the value of the blood sugar is between 3.6-5.8mmol/l (or 80 - 120 mg/dl), and you have to maintain this values for the sake of your good health.

  • Another important "instruments" of diabetic monitoring remote system are fast-acting insulin and something sweet that many diabetics carry within their "diabetic first aid kit" wherever they go.

    This is because these two substances will help you "beat" the hypo and hyperglycemia, once they are set (that you can identify by measuring your blood sugar via diabetes meter). Therefore, any emergency situation related to these dangerous conditions are prevented in time.

    To keep you informed, hypoglycemia is a condition when your blood glucose level is under 3.6 (50 mg/dl); meaning that you don’t have enough energy for your organism and the only way to raise your blood sugar level is to put something sweet in your mouth like chocolate for example.

    Then the amount of blood glucose will normalize and you are preventing all the dangerous consequences of hypoglycemia.

    On the other side, hyperglycemia is observed when the value of the sugar in your blood is more the 5.8. (120mg/dl). This may cause many damages to your organism, therefore, you are supposed to inject your self with fast acting insulin to prevent them.

    Hope it is all cleared!


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