My A1c was 6% 5.6% 6.3% latest 3 months

by Bonny C Damocles

QUESTION: Dr. Alba Greca,

In less than 6 months, I will reach my 25th year as a type 2 diabetic using no less than 100 minutes of daily exercise (running the stairs, power walking, doing modified push-ups, and jogging in place) combined with eating only 2 meals/day (no snacks).

My favorite foods are mostly carbohydrates.

My A1c in October 2015 was 6%, in May 2015, 5.6%, in October 2014, 6.3%. I am as healthy as I expect to be, no complications, never had hypo problems, and enjoying life like I have no diabetes. I just turned 80 and working hard to reach my 100th birthday without any health problems.

Before I forget, I want you to know that my diagnosis was based on a fasting blood sugar reading of 468 mg/dl.

To control my diabetes, the MD who diagnosed me in 1991 gave me the permission to use exercise instead of anti-diabetes pills after I passed the mandatory stress test.

Bonny C Damocles
80 yrs old, 5'7", 139 lbs.
No pharma drugs for any health problems

ANSWER: Hi dear Bonny,

I am glad to hear back from you. I am also happy to hear again about your wonderful experience of these 80 years of life, and how you have been facing diabetes. I hope many other patients could follow your natural steps too with the same astonished results.

I too am not keen to use pharma drugs unnecessarily. However, there are times, when, all these natural steps are not giving good results, and I do give up and prescribe medicines to my diabetic patients. Again, I wish my diabetic patients could have the same determination as you in following the right diet and lifestyle changes as you in order to have the desired results.

As I was reviewing your case again, I noticed that your key to succeed in keeping blood sugar levels within normal range was EXERCISE.

You succeeded in helping your body utilize the glucose perfectly. When exercising, more blood is flowing in every body cells, thus, all bad metabolites are being flushed away. So, every cell will be freshly supplied with oxygenated water and will be able to function better even when it comes to utilization of glucose.

You are also saying that your favorite foods are mostly carbohydrates. I believe you do not eat them regularly. If yes, exercising for non less than 100 minutes/day are helping your body assimilate the carbs avoiding spikes in blood glucose levels.

I also like the way you are adopting your meals as per your body needs. Having only 2 large meals with no snacks in between are also an excellent way to supply your body with the nutrients it needs without causing spikes in sugar levels. In this way, you are also giving time to your body to utilize what it gets from the large meals without causing hypo or hyper glycaemia problems.

Thank you again for sharing with us your wonderful experience!

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