A1c levels 142 - 145

by Kathleen
(Lake Worth zzfl)

I went to bed last night my a1c was 142 ,i woke up this morning and it was 145 ,

I feel funny my eyes have been blurred for a few days, why is this happing somettimes its a normal but than it makes a turn.

Why is that ,please help me understand?

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Dec 10, 2016

by: Dr.Albana

Hello Kathleen,

I read your message and understood your problem.

Before I go through the numbers of the A1c test results I want to mention first the fact that you sometime have impaired vision.

Diabetic retinopathy is the main cause of eye disease among the people with diabetes. It can lead to important eye conditions leading to blindness.

Early detection and treatment protects the eyes for severe complications. Tonometry and fundoscopy are important examinations to evaluate the pathologic changes in the eyes. Retina must be seen for changes, dilatations or abruptions.

With regards to A1C test you did, I think there is a misunderstanding from your part. In fact, I think you are referring to random blood glucose level.

A1C test is conducting through a special meter (and not with the one that measure blood glucose) and indicates the average blood sugar levels within the last 3 months.

A1c test levels of 142-145 are an index of a controlled diabetic condition. There is nothing to worry about.

During night the glucose levels may raise expressing a condition of hunger when they drop. This is a normal process and happens to normal people as well. High blood glucose levels will reflect a higher glucose levels too.

Keep attention to follow a proper diet and take medication only as it was prescribed. Try to lose weight if you are overweight and exercise regularly.

If not diabetic, then, further tests are needed to rule out/determine if you have diabetes or not:
- fasting blood glucose
- glucose tolerance test
- HBA1C test

Hope this is helpful.

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