Why my blood sugar levels reading early morning is higher (11 mmol/L) than before bed?

QUESTION: I'm noticed I'm having diabetes since Mar'11 and now trying the best to control it by dieting.
My blood sugar level in non-fasting between 8 ~ 18mmol/l(Highest).

Q1) I wonder why my b/sugar level reading early morning higher(11mmol at 7:30am) than before bed?

Q2)Is the reading below dagerous?

Two hrs after breakfast (11.6mmol at 10am)
Two hrs After Lunch (13.4mmol at 2pm)
Before dinner (8.9 at 6pm)

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi there,

First of all, you haven’t mentioned the exact type of diabetes and if you are controlling it only with diet. It is important for you to know that diet is not enough to control the normal blood glucose level because, your body is not producing enough insulin to put the glucose inside the cells.

Therefore, a good control of diabetes can be achieved by taking regularly your pills as described by your doctor; considering certain herbs that have been shown to lower blood glucose, and of course, doing exercises.

Some of these herbs are Gymnema Sylvestre, cinnamon and bitter melon. Try to use all these things together and you will see that this combination really works.

  • Anyway, straight to the point, the normal blood glucose level is between 3.5-6.1mmol/l, which makes all the results of yours pretty high.

    A.1. Regarding the first question of yours, normal people are having slight elevation in the blood glucose level early in the morning or right after waking.

    This thing is absolutely normal, because the waking process requires energy, which is provided by the glucose. Your body tries to ensure enough energy, which is made by the liberation of the glucose store in the liver.

    However, severe elevation of the blood glucose in the morning, like in your case (11 mmol\l) is observed when you had a rich dinner, or when you are not controlling your diabetes properly.

    In purpose to reduce it, you can:

    - consult with your doctor about therapy changes and

    - to reduce the amount of food acquired per dinner.

    You have to know, that you are a person with impaired glucose metabolism, which means that your body needs more time to metabolize the glucose. Besides, during the night, the speed of the metabolic process in the organism is low, which leads to accumulation of glucose inside the blood.

    This, in a combination with the normal morning blood glucose elevation, leads to very high blood glucose result in the morning - 11mmo/l.

    Q.2. Regarding the second question of yours, yes, your blood glucose readings are really high and they can be very dangerous in the nearest future if you don’t do something in purpose to bring them back to normal.

    Normally, two hours after having a meal, your blood glucose level has to be 8-9 mmol/l and in your case, they are 11.6 and 13.4mmol/l.

    For now, your body is able to handle with such elevation, but you have to take precautions, because this will not stand for ever.

    My advice for you is to follow the steps, which were mentioned above and everything will be ok hopefully. I understand that they seem hard, but you are doing this for the sake of your health.

    Hope it helped!


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