Diabetes 210 two hours after dinner

by Waqar Tahir


My Mother is not a diabetic, age is almost 45 years old, But due to today pain in her legs, just now I have diabetes readings. It's 210 after 2 hours of dinner. Will you please guide me.
Is that satisfactory reading?


Waqar Tahir

ANSWER: Hi Waqar,

I have gone through the medical history of your mother and understood your concerns.

Diabetes is not diagnosed on one measurement result only as there are many factors contributing to falsely high blood sugar levels.

In order to avoid false results, I advise my patients to repeat diabetes testing as following:
- fasting blood glucose: should fast for at least eight hours before running the test
- measure blood sugar levels two hours after having one glass of sugary fluid (one glass of plain water with one tablespoon of sugar)
- HbA1C level to measure the average blood sugar for the last three months

Only after having such results, we can definitely say that your mother is having diabetes or not.

I want to remind that there are many factors contributing to increased glucose levels in your mothers's case:
- pain she was feeling in her legs
- anxiety she might have felt
- medications she might have used to ease the pain (e.g. steroids if any)

All the best!
Do write me back if you have further queries!

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