Fasting Blood Sugar Always Above 100 mg/dL Causes

by Rony


My blood sugar has been always over 100 mg/dL. Fasting glucose level some times is 107, some times is 102 or 105.

And I lost almost 20 ib in one year and I exercise half hour every day and eliminated all source of sugar from my diet. At the end, my blood sugar is still over 100.

I have too much anxiety and think too much and i'm very eager. Do you think all what I mentioned above are the cause of my problem and any other advise?

My age is 33 and weigh 140 ib and 5 feet tall.

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Rony,

First, I want to know if you are a diabetic or not. That is very important, especially to know if you are under any drug treatment or not.

Next, what I see from your blood glucose levels, I think they seem very very normal unless you have other problems that I am not aware of.

You are very young to get anxious about such normal blood sugar levels of yours. Please keep in mind that the new recommendations of ADA/EASD regarding the blood sugar levels emphasize the "individual approach".

In other words, the fasting glucose levels of up to 107 mg/dL should be considered normal in normal people or pre-diabetics or diabetics.

As far as there are not other hidden problems that should be investigated and can change the target level.

If you have set the target of less than 100 mg/dL for your blood sugar level with your doctor, then, talk to him/her to make some changes.

I would advise to take into account your age, your work, your personality, and dinner menu.

So, such sugar levels are very normal for people of your age. Especially, when you wake up and the "morning" hormones gives the right energy you need for the following day.

In addition, if you conduct a stressful life or have a stressful work, stress could be another reasons for such slight elevations in blood glucose.

I repeat again that such readings are very very normal and to my opinion, you should not be anxious anymore.

I would also suggest to continue exercising and keeping healthy with such a good diet menu. However, I would not suggest to eliminate all sources of sugar, your body needs sugar.

Complex sugar found in certain vegetables or other foods are also good. Processed foods or candies are not the right source of sugar for you.

In addition, elevation in fasting blood sugar are often seen when a person consumes a rich dinner. Therefore, be careful in what you eat at dinner, it is recommended to have light dinner for better health:)))

At the end, you are perfectly normal. Hope you will stay for a long time:)))


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Blood Sugar 195?

by Vera

QUESTION: I noticed that my blood sugar yesterday was 195. What to do in this case?

Please respond
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Vera,

Before switching the alarm light regarding your condition, I would like to have some more info:

1. Are you a diabetic or a non-diabetic?

2. When did you measure your blood sugar level? This is very important because:

- If you take the test while you were fasting, then, fasting blood sugar of 195 is considered very high. However, further tests (like A1C and oral glucose tolerance test) are needed to determine diabetes.

- If you take the test just before eating (less than 2 hours); then, a sugar level of 195 is considered normal.

Keep in mind that just after eating, blood sugar raises up (sometimes spikes). 2 hours later, blood sugar will go back to normal levels ages.

- Did you take the test 2 hours after eating? Then, this result is a little bit high. However, further tests are needed to determine diabetes as diagnosis.

3. If you are already diagnosed with diabetes, then a blood sugar of 195 while fasting is very high; but, if it is after eating, it is quite ok.

As you can see, it is very important to have these information to give an exact answer. Your doctor knows better your medical history; therefore, he/she could give a more precise answer.

  • Now, with regards to what you can do to get lower blood glucose results; I would suggest to change your lifestyle and dietary strategies.

    In other words, give up bad habits (quit smoking, drinking alcohol, be more active) and give up "bad diet menus" (eat healthy foods in a healthy way).

    Hope it helped!


    What the community is asking about:

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    Nov 20, 2016
    My blood sugar after meal 195
    by: Bilal


    My blood sugar after meal is 195. I am not using any medicine for sugar. I am not diabetic. And also i have no any syntums for diabetic.

    But I eat Dates more then one month 10 pcs in one day. and I test sugar by chance its high.

    Can you Advice me? I am worried.


    Nov 20, 2016

    by: Dr.Alba

    Hi Bilal,

    I went through your medical query carefully and understood your concern.

    You report to have your blood sugar levels as high as 195 mg/dL after eating. Meanwhile, you also report to be eating lots of dates recently (around 10 pcs per day).

    Please take note that blood sugar levels are raised after eating. They can spike to over 300 mg/dl within the first hour, then, turning back to normal range from second hour and on. Normal level of glucose 2 hours after eating should be less than 180 mg/dL.

    So, it is important the time when you measured your blood sugar. If it was within the first hour, then, it is perfectly within normal range.

    Otherwise, if measured 2 hours or more after eating, then, it might be considered a bit higher than normal range.

    However, other confirmatory tests are required to determine if you have pre-diabetes or not: fasting blood glucose and A1C test.

    Dates are good source of energy and nutrients, but never should overcome the daily dosage.

    However, 10 dates/day are not enough to cause serious problems. You can start by cutting the amount of dates/day, continue eating healthy and do more physical activity.

    I'm sure your blood glucose will get back to normal range.

    All the best!

    May 04, 2017
    Fasting blood sugar 86, after meal 195:198:193
    by: aly

    QUESTION: My father age 78 he is no sugar found in blood in previous but some few days i observed his fasting sugar level around 86 or plus but after meal (2hrs ) 195:198:193 so its symptoms of diabetes or not



    REPLY: Hello Ally,

    I read your message carefully and understood your medical problem.

    I see your father is 78 years old gentleman not known as a diabetic patient. Recently you observed that his fasting blood glucose level (BGL) was 86 and the postprandial BGL were in the range of 193-198.

    His fasting BGL was 86 mg/dl which is normal. It is considered diabetes when this number is over 126 and prediabetes if it is in the 100-125 range.

    The postprandial (2 hours after meal BGL) 140-200mg/dl is considered prediabetes but this result does not correspond with the fasting BGL.

    On thing is sure, that there is no diabetes in this case. The discussion would be if there is prediabetes or not. The postprandial BGL test number can vary depending the time of the day when the blood is taken for the test and the diet your father had that day.

    Also, he may be taking other drugs for other conditions he may have and these drugs may contribute to slightly increasing the blood glucose levels throughout the day.

    Your father needs to do the HbA1c test which is considered as the most sensitive test to identify blood sugar troubles as it reflects the blood sugar levels in the last 3 months.

    If it over than 6.4%, then, we can say it is diabetes which is unlikely in this case.

    If it is 5.7-6.3% than it is prediabetes. If your father results with prediabetes there is nothing to worry about as he can manage it only with diet and regular exercising.

    To summarize, I think that the high postprandial BGL may have resulted due the diet or any other external facts like drugs, stress and the diet.

    My advice is that you must keep monitoring the blood sugar levels in the following days and if the numbers go higher and especially if accompanied by other symptoms like increased thirst and frequent urination than please contact a doctor and run the HbA1c test.

    Hope this was helpful for you.

    Thank you.

    Dec 21, 2018
    High numbers blood sugar levels 195I
    by: Paul

    QUESTION: Hi Dr.

    I am writing for my brother in law he has been a type 2 for many many years about a year ago he changed his diet and lost 40 to 50 lbs and he has not take insulin or pills for over a year.

    The past few days I checked his blood and just an hour ago it was 195 and he is very dizzy but he starts to feel better about 1/2 hr but it happens a few times a day.

    ANSWER: Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your trusting the health concern of your brother in law to us.

    First, let me know what medications you are taking: apart metformin and insulin?

    We should consider too low blood sugar levels.

    Next, should keep monitoring his blood pressure and sugar levels, record the results and send to me for reference.

    To me, he might be experiencing too low blood sugar levels during the day perhaps from his medications. If confirmed, should consider changing the dosage.

    Looking forward to have the requested information in.


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