Blood glucose level of 40mg/dl, what method of treatment is suggested?

QUESTION: Blood glucose level of 40mg/dl, what method of treatment is suggested?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Before telling you what to do I will remind you that the normal blood glucose level is between 64.8- 104.4mg/dl.

According to the values mentioned, your blood glucose level is too low, which means that you have to take actions:

1. First of all, if you are following a weight-reduction diet you have to stop, because it is affecting in a bad way your glucose metabolism.

2. Second, make yourself a perfect diet, which is containing 3-4 meals a day. The major goal of this diet is to provide you all the needed nutrient substances, like glucose, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

In your case, you have to pay attention to eating foods rich in carbs and because of this try to eat something sweet as a dessert at the end of each meal.

3. Third - start taking everywhere with you something very sweet like chocolate or candies. It is normal for you to experiences symptoms like nervousness, sweating, trembling, hunger and palpitations when your blood glucose falls to 40mg/dl.

When you notice some of these symptoms, you have to eat immediately 20-30 mg of chocolate or 4-5 pieces. This will elevate your blood glucose level and you will be fine.

4. The last thing is to make a consultation with your doctor about this low blood glucose level. However, you have to tell him everything that concerns you.

For example, if you are following a certain diet because you need to be trained for a big competition; if you are following a diet in purpose to lose weight and other carb reduction diets; all of them you have to tell to your doctor.

Besides this, it would be good for you to write down all the values of the blood test during the last few days and to show him/her the results.

Pay attention to the fact, that blood glucose decrease like this, is observed in patients who are at insulin therapy, especially when higher insulin dose is taken. Therefore, those patients require instant consultation with their doctor for dose adjustment.

In case you are not a diabetic, and not following such diets or any hypoglycemiant treatment, you should make a medical consultation for any other problem you might have.

Certain endocrine or cancerous disorders might lead to such low blood sugar levels. Furthermore, being under pressure and not eating well, are other factors that can lead to hypoglycemia.

Hope it helped!


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