High HBA1c (6.5 to 7) and normal fasting (100) and PP levels (100 to 125) while taking Galvus tablet

QUESTION: Dear Doctor,

I am 39 year old diabetic patient and taking Galvus tablet in the morning and evening. My morning fasting result comes always below 100 and PP is in the range of 100 to 125.

But HBA1c is always in the range of 6.5 to 7.
Why this HBA1c is crossing 6.5 eventhough my randon glucose level is within the limit?


ANSWER: Hi there,

Obviously, you are controlling your blood glucose level very well and let me congratulate you. However, there is a slight elevation of your HbA1c values as you said. You don’t have to worry about this for several reasons as following:

1. First of all, your HbA1c is not that high, which mean that this will not cause damages to your body. Damages, caused by the elevated glucose level, are observed, when the blood glucose value and the HbA1c result are very high.

Besides, diabetics are not able to bring their HbA1c level exactly within the normal ranges, because they have impaired glucose metabolism after all.

2. Second, you have to know that individual variations in the HbA1c results are observed, and these variations are genetically determined.

In addition, these genetically determined variations are not leading to damages of the organism and in purpose to confirm such thing you have to be aware of the HbA1c results before diabetes (You might not have them I suppose).

3. As you probably know, the glycated hemoglobin represents the amount of hemoglobin, which is connected with glucose. There are two ways, which can lead to elevated HbA1c level, including - a) high glucose concentration in blood, or/and b) hemoglobin with greater affinity versus the glucose.

The genetically determined variations are leading to the production of hemoglobin with greater affinity versus the glucose, which leads to slight elevation of the HbA1c concentration (that might be considered normal for that particular person).

I’m not sure if the exact cause for the slight elevation of your HbA1c level is genetically determined variation, because other tests have to be estimated.

However, my advice for you to is to keep up with the good regulation of your blood glucose level and not to worry about this elevation of HbA1c. Remember, if severe elevation of this value appears, you are obligated to inform your doctor immediately.

Hope it helped!


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