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QUESTION: Dear sir / madam,

From last couple of months, I am worried of blood sugar. My blood sugar I checked and found before meal it was 107 and after 2 hours of meal it is 142 which I have taken tea with one spoon of sugar.

Can you suggest it is normal or I have diabetes?

ANSWER: Hi Jeqbal,

The very first thing to do is to relax and not to be anxious. Worries will never bring something good.

Being calm will not only help you analyze the problems you have; but, will also improve your glucose metabolism.

Now, coming to your concern. You are saying that:

- your fasting blood glucose is 107 and

- your blood sugar 2 hours after eating was 142

I do not know if you have consulted your doctor and what was his/her opinion. According to my judgement, I do not see anything that should worry you unless you have other medical problems that I am not aware.

So, your blood sugar readings are within the normal levels acceptable even by the new ADA/EASD guidelines.

If you think that your results are slightly high; to my opinion, you should not rely on only one measurement results. You can measure your blood sugar everyday for one week, or every week for one entire month.

Moreover, you should also measure your glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) which will give a more precise idea on the average of your blood sugar during the last 3 months.

In addition, if you are suffering from any other medical problem; please consult your doctor to set your blood sugar goals.

  • If you want to improve your glucose metabolism, please:

    - do not have "heavy dinner meals" to avoid high fasting blood sugar

    - cut the calories intake

    - eat often and in moderation

    - practice some physical activity

    - stay away from bad habits (alcohol, smoking, etc.)

    - eat more fruits and vegetables

    - drink more natural water

    - take some herbs that have been confirmed to improve the glucose metabolism.

    Altogether these steps will help to achieve a good blood glucose control and keep you healthy.

    Hope it helped!



    Low libido and unsatisfying sexual performance

    Am an avid follower of you web page and comments.

    Am a Kenya male 44yrs old, married with children and was diagnosed to be Type 2 diabetic 7yrs ago.
    Currently, I am using Daictin 5mg and piogluc 30mg. i also observe strict diet regime and also use cinnamon and fenugeek in my meals.

    My last HbA1c test was 6.

    My average fasting glucose test is 6 and after 2.5hrs is 9.

    Just want to know is there any bearing to my problem. I am deeply concerned coz this just started and am worried that I might fail my sexual obligations to my wife and this might have dire constraints in my marriage life.

    Please advice.
    You may contact me on nganga2jo@gmail.com

    Diabetic neuropathy

    by bhupendra

    i have daibatic from last 15 years and at present level is fasting 139 and PP is 123 (break fast and medicine) and HbA1c--7.0 other problem is both feet fingers are remains cold like ice since last one year.doctor says its daibatic neuropathy and prescribed tablet nervup.
    please suggest some remedy for releif and cure.

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