Why my fasting result is 108 mg/dl, and after breakfast 217 mg/dl? Is it high or acceptable?

by Austin

QUESTION: Pls advice what i should do: my test shows fasting 108mg/dl and after breakfast 217mg/dl.

Pls advise me whether this is high or acceptable? I have already stopped all sugar related things. Pls advice asap thanks and god bless you sir.

ANSWER: Hi Austin,

The normal blood glucose level is between 64.8- 104.4 mg/dl. However, slight deviations are acceptable, like in your case a result of 108 mg/dl.

But the thing, which bothers me, is the postprandial blood glucose level of 217mg/dl; because the normal blood glucose level after having a meal has to be less than 180mg/dl.

However, you haven’t mentioned when the postprandial blood glucose test was performed, because if the test was run 10-20 min after the meal, an elevation like this is normal. However, if the test was made 2 hours after having a meal, this result is not normal.

There are two explanations for these elevations. The first is related with your diet, because if you are eating foods, which are rich in carbs, such blood glucose elevations are going to be normal.

The second explanation is related with the changes in the glucose metabolism, because if there is reduced insulin secretion, the blood glucose of yours will be elevated.

Interesting fact is that you haven’t mentioned anything about any possible symptoms of diabetes. Because of this, I want to ask you, have you notices lately permanent thirst, frequent urination or the increased hunger.

All these three are regarded as symptoms of diabetes and the combination between them and a blood glucose elevations are leading to confirmation of diabetes as diagnosis.

However, in purpose to confirm or exclude diabetes as diagnosis, make a consultation with your doctor and ask him for the glucose tolerance test.

During this test, your doctor will give you a cup full of 75 ml of glucose, which you have to drink. After this, blood samples are going to be taken every 15-30 minutes, which will serve for a blood glucose measurement.

With this test your doctor will understand how your body is able to handle with glucose consumption.

Hope it helped!


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Is fasting sugar level 105 and after food 130 - 145 ok?

QUESTION: I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes six months ago. After confirmed and discussed with my doctor, I start to use Glugophage 500 mg, which I use only one month.

5 months ago, we stopped medicines and control my sugar level through walk before dinner 45 mint and control oily food.

Please advise: know that my fasting sugar level is 105 and after food 130 - 145. Is it ok?

ANSWER: Hi Raja Khalid,

Interesting fact in your case is that after stopping your medicines, you are completely controlling your diabetes.

For your information, the normal fasting blood glucose level is between 64.8- 104.4 mg/dl, but small variations are acceptable, just like in your case - 105mg/dl.

Other important thing is that your post-prandial blood glucose concentration is 130-145, which is absolutely good, because the normal post prandial value is under 180.

The only reasonable explanation for your situation is that your diabetes type 2 is characterized with slight reduction in the insulin secretion.

As you probably know diabetes type II is also known as not-insulin dependent, because your body has the ability to produce insulin.

It seems that exercises and diet are really helping you to improve the glucose metabolism of yours. However, I will give you one more advice in purpose to achieve greater results.

One other natural option that you might consider is to start using herbs. Specific Herbs have shown to be very useful in patients with diabetes type 2 and especially those patients, who are having slight variations in the insulin secretion and in the blood glucose level, like you.

So, the combination between diet, exercises and herbs will be even more effective in the blood glucose concentration management and the only thing, which you have to do, is to keep up with the good work as you are actually doing.

In addition, you are obligated to continue with the blood glucose tests, because sometimes aggravation of the diabetes appears with a sudden stop in the insulin secretion.

In this case, the only solution is to start the anti-diabetic treatment again, so be prepared to start using Glucophage (metformin) in case of bad control.

Hope it helped!


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