Sugar Level Post Prandial (PP) 190 - Is it Normal Range?

by Kousalya Murali
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.)

QUESTION: My Sugar Level in fasting is 100 and PP is 190. I am 27 years old. Please advise whether it is normal range and also advise me how to prevent it.

Thanks and Regards.
Kousalya Murali

REPLY: Hello Kousalya Murali,

I read your message and understood your medical problem.

I see that your fasting blood glucose level(BGL) is 100 and postprandial (PP) is 190. You are 27 years old.

Fasting BGL 100 is in the normal range and PP 140-200 mg/dl suggests for prediabetes.

My advice is that you must repeat these tests and watch the numbers. If the fasting BGL reaches the number of 109-125mg/dl and PP is not more than 200 then you have prediabetes.

Prediabetes is a condition where the BGL levels are higher than normal but not higher enough to cause symptoms.

So you do not have diabetes but you have a higher chance than other people to develop diabetes in the future. If symptoms appear like increased thirst, frequent urination etc. then you must take medications.

Prediabetes can be fully controlled with some lifestyle changes by developing healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Change the way you eat to a Mediterranean way of eating which means to have dishes based on vegetables, fish, olives and fruits.

Reduce the number of sugars and carb you take and avoid saturated fats and sugary drinks.

Regular exercise will help you burn more sugar and loose weight and thus less sugar will be in your blood. Do any sport you like even just a long walk would be very helpful if done regularly.

Avoid alcohol as it has a major impact in increasing the blood glucose levels. Also, some drugs, irregular meals, and other bad habits contribute in the disequilibrium of glucose levels.

To be sure if it is prediabetes or not you need to repeat these tests and if the results are suspicious than you must do the HbA1c test. If it comes out 5.7-6.3% then you have prediabetes. If more than 6.4% than you have diabetes.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Thank you.

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