How type 2 diabetics are prescribed insulin when cells are not using properly?

by Grac


How can a type 2 diabetic be treated with insulin when his problem is that his cells are not able to use the insulin properly?

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello,

This is a really interesting question. And I thank you a lot for trusting us to get the answer.

Now, there are few points to consider here:
- Before deciding to start insulin, there are a few tests that should be carried out to determine if you need insulin or not.

We ask to measure insulin levels in blood and urine to evaluate if your pancreas is still producing and secreting insulin.

- And most important will measure fasting blood sugar, HBA1C level to evaluate the changes in your blood sugar.

After getting the results, we will understand if the pancreas is producing insulin enough, if your glucose control is not on the right side, and if you are involved enough into daily physical activities.

As you may see, that is a tough decision, and of course we ask regular follow ups with patients to evaluate the progress.

There are 2 types of insulin resistance we notice: 1. psychological (we should fight the idea: insulin is the last treatment) and 2. the real resistance when cells do not use insulin properly.

As you may see, that's really a tough job that we should go through together with our patients.

Hope I answered your query. Let me know if you have any other concern.

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