What is blood glucose level supposed to be at 52 years?

QUESTION: What is blood glucose level supposed to be at 52 years?

ANSWER: Hi there,

You have to know that the normal blood glucose level is from 3.5 up to 6.1mmol/l or 64.8- 104.4mg/dl, depending on the unit of measurement.

These blood glucose ranges are valid for every single person on the planet, no matter the gender and the age of the patients.

Because of this, your blood glucose level, no matter that you are at the age of 52, has to be within the mentioned ranges.

However, pay attention that sometimes slight elevations are allowed, especially when you are making your blood glucose test very soon after having a meal.

So, in purpose to avoid confusions and excessive worry, try not to eat something, before the glucose test.

In cases when the blood glucose result is high without having a meal before the test, you are obligated to consult with your doctor, because further examination is needed.

It is important for your health to establish if this elevation appears as a result of diabetes, or as a result of other condition.

In neither cases, you are not supposed to panic, because diabetes is a condition which can be treated properly in nowadays.

I hope that the possible elevations of your blood glucose test is appeared due to the consumption of something sweet before the glucose test, or due to mistake in the laboratory.

Keep in mind that sometimes, people who are working in the laboratories, are making mistakes (called human mistakes) while reading the results or during the processing of samples, leading to false positive result.

You just have to repeat the test and to wait for the result, I hope that everything is going to be fine.

Hope it helped!


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Blood Sugar Level Of 3000?

QUESTION: Can a person’s blood sugar level be 3000?

ANSWER: Hi there,

This is very important question, which is discussed a lot by the scientist, because some of them believe that this is not possible, but others still sustain the statement that this is very likely to be true.

However, I have to tell you that several years ago the physicians in Missouri Skaggs Hospital have detected a patient, who has a blood glucose level of 3600 mg/dl.

This value, is even higher regarding the one for which you’ve asked. However, I don’t have further information regarding this case and I’m not able to tell you if this patient is alive right now and if he survived this great elevation in the blood glucose level.

So, obviously this is possible, but I have to warn you not to push your luck, because every organism is different.

That means that some people are able to stand very high temperatures or high blood glucose level, like in these cases.

Others are not able to do this and no one is able to explain this variety. Besides this, there is not an evented test, which can tell for sure if you are able to bear very high blood glucose level. This is something, which no one knows.

Therefore, I have to advise you one more time to keep your blood glucose level within the reference values, which are from 64.8 up to 104.4 mg/dl. I’m hopeful that you are never going to understand if you are able to bear with such high blood glucose level.

Hope it helped!


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regarding pp blood sugar test

by pralay

QUESTION: My mother(66years) have diabetes problem.at the time of Blood Sugar PP Test she took meals and medicine and after 2hours perform the test.

My question is it right?

ANSWER: Hi there,

First of all, you have to know that PP stands for post-prandial, which means after having a meal. Because of this, it is absolutely correct for your mother to execute the test after having a meal, along with the medications.

  • Other thing, which is important is that she has done right to execute the test 2 hours after the meal.

    Generally, the post-prandial blood glucose tests are executed 2 hours after the meal, because the organism needs time to extract the glucose from the food acquired, to metabolize it and to transport it to all the tissues.

    The normal period, which the organism needs to execute all these processes, is about 2 hours.

  • Important for the post-prandial blood glucose test is the result. You have to know that it would be good for your mother to maintain values less than 180mg/dl. Result like this is talking about good control of diabetes.

  • Other important thing is to execute the HbA1c test along with the post-prandial blood glucose test, because the A1C test represents how the diabetes was controlled during the past 2-3 months. These kinds of data can improve the treatment.

  • I hope that your mother is controlling well her diabetes and there is nothing wrong with the results.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


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    Goals for geriatric hba1c

    QUESTION: What are the goals for geriatric hba1c?

    ANSWER: Hi there,

    At first, I want to remind you that the HbA1c (A1C) value has to be fewer than 7%. However, not all people have a glycated hemoglobin result, which is under 7%, but they don’t have diabetes, mainly observed due to individual metabolic differences.

    Because of those differences, every single man has different blood glucose concentration and glucose value as well.

    Based on this, ADA (America Diabetes Association) defines that the exact value of the glycated hemoglobin depends on the gender, age, physical activity and other factors.

  • Regarding the age, you have to know that young patients have lower values of glycated hemoglobin than the old ones.

  • Something else regarding your question is that with age the glucose metabolism gets slower, which leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood. This explains why the blood glucose level is sometimes higher in patients above the age of 60.

  • Other important thing is that the exact amount of glycated hemoglobin depends on the blood glucose concentration. So, when you have more glucose in blood the value of the glycated hemoglobin will be high as well.

  • Because of those things mentioned above, the older patients sometimes have glycated hemoglobin concentration, which is higher than 7%.

    However, there is no accepted value for old patients, but it would be better for you to keep your glycated hemoglobin concentration under 9% or even under 8%.

    For either cases, you can talk to your personal doctor to define your own normal blood sugar levels.

    Hope it helped!


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