Is FBS 107.4 mg/dL and PPBS 126.0 mg/dL to be worried?

by Suman
(Kalol, Gujarat, India)

QUESTION: The other day I have got tested my sugar level which is 107.4 mg/dL (FBS) and 126.0 mg/dL (PPBS).

Are these readings are normal or abnormal? Is there anything to be worried?

ANSWER: Hi Suman,

I have gone through your blood sugar level (bsl) reports and understood your concern.

The very first thing to clarify is the reference range the lab has used when taking your blood report.

You can attach a copy of the blood test report, so I can evaluate the figures myself.

Anyway, generally speaking, your fasting bsl was 107.4 mg/dL. The normal range for fasting bsl is below 100 mg/dL. However, we should look at the reference range used by the lab you got the testing. Some labs might refer a normal fasting bsl lower than 110 depending on the kits they use.

With regards to your post-prandial bsl; the result was 126. It is completely within normal range (lower than 140 mg/dL).

So, your reports have nothing to get you worried about.

As I mentioned earlier, please send the complete blood tests reports to evaluate the slightly elevated fasting bsl.

I would recommend as following:
- start make some changes in your lifestyle and diet regimen
- if overweight, try to lose weight
- increase physical activity
- try to have a snack at bedtime (a fruit or nut)
- do not skip meals; have them regularly
- be careful with food calories

If you follow this regimen, I'm sure you'll always have good blood glucose levels.

Thank you for following.

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