Concerned, not clear on wether body is giving signs of diabetes.

by Mark
(New York )

QUESTION: Hi there,

I find this site fascinating, and I am exciting to get a professional response. I want to be a professional pilot in the future, for a major commercial airline, and this means one thing.. HEALTHY.

Diabetes, you get kicked out, high blood pressure, kicked out (fail medical exams).. I am really nervous, my father suffers from both, and has TYPE1 diabetes.

I am 20 years old 6'1, 191 lbs. My father is the only one in my whole family history who has diabetes. I have been checking my blood sugar levels recently, and have steady reads of 95-107 pretty much fasting and 2 hours after eating. . On the fasting levels the most its ever reached is 101..

I don't want to say i urinate a lot, but the other night i urinated 3-4 times in the matter of maybe less than 10 minutes, and at points in the day maybe 3 out of the 7 days of the week, i feel tired and sleepy, with moderate fatigue, (i must add i go to bed at 1 or 2 am)..

Idk, im just looking for some reassurance from someone who has similar experience or someone who knows about this stuff... I know the real answer is go see a doctor, but my family doctors told me your fine, but i feel like he always shrugs me off like ( im the healthiest person alive).

Thank You for your response and time!

REPLY: Hi Mark,

I have noticed that there is no comment from other visitors for your current health information.

Maybe it took so long for us to give you a reply, but I was wondering if any other visitor was going to share his/her experience.

In lack of that, hoping that you do not have such health problems your shared with us, I am giving a reply to you.

If you have done the blood work and everything has come out to be perfect, this should make you happy and not worry.

The symptoms you are addressing, perhaps are due to your emotional stress you are facing. It might be linked to your fixed idea of being a healthy pilot unconsciously "stimulating" diabetes-alike symptoms.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and diet regimen, that would be a perfectly start to your pilot experience.

Furthermore, be careful when you go out and participate in parties, be careful of drugs-abuse that would destroy your dream of becoming a skilled-pilot.

At last, follow your personal doctor advice as he/she knows better all your clinical history.

Wishing good luck in your future "pilot-profession":)!


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