How to Mantain HBAIC Lower than 8.6?

by Renu Kapoor

QUESTION: For the last two months, I am taking Lantus 24 hours Autopen at night (9:00 p.m) and I am taking medicines in the morning before breakfast Galvus 50 and Amaryl MP2 Forte and in the night I am taking before dinner Amaryl M-1Forte and 10 units of lantus at night.

I am taking treatment of Moolchand Hospital Dr. Sanjeev Bhambani, Endocrinology. Please advice should I take another advice of any doctor.

Before dinner my sugar level around 150, 154, 120 and 160 approx. Morning sugar is very low 59, 66, 64, 72 etc. pl. see and advice me.

ANSWER: Hi there,

As far as I can see, you are taking your medications only three times a day before breakfast, before dinner and at night.

Besides this, the results are showing that the your problems is generally during the day and after having a meal, but your blood glucose level in the morning is a little bit lower than usual.

Because of those facts, I want to suggest you two things.

  • The first one is to talk with your doctor about therapy adjustments. That means that he should reduce the dose of the drugs acquired at night, in purpose to elevate a little bit your fasting blood glucose concentration.

  • Next, your doctor is the only one able to give you another medication, which you have to use before or after lunch (according to the opinion of your healthcare provider).

    When you are using blood glucose lowering pill around lunch, your post-prandial blood glucose level will come back to normal.

    However, only your doctor can decide, which drug is the most suitable for you and what the most suitable dose you have to take it.

  • The other thing, which I wanted to suggest, is to start following some natural steps to treat your diabetes.

    You haven’t mentioned anything about diet, exercises or herb usage, but I think that it would be good for you to start on them.

    With those activities, your blood glucose level will be under proper control and besides this; you will reduce the daily dose of the drugs, which you are taking.

    So, in purpose to achieve this, I think you should start eating low-fat and low-carb meals at least 4-5 times a day.

    Try to avoid eating pork, beef, oily products and of course the sweet products, like candies, chocolate and others.

    Regarding the exercises, you should start running for about 30 minutes every day. Such physical activity will burn the excessive amount of glucose in your body, which of course will result with normal blood glucose concentration.Of course, you can always ride a bicycle for about an hour, instead of running.

    With regards to the usage of herbs, you have to know that some herbs like cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon and many more are provided to work on patients with blood glucose regulation problems. I think that it would be better for you to consider using them.

    The important thing at this point is to talk with your healthcare provider, because he is the only one, who can adjust your blood glucose lowering therapy properly.

    Hope it helped!


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