At wits end-fasting blood sugar 100 - 400

by Annette
(Deming, NM USA)


I have been eating a low carb/no crab diet and my morning fasting levels seems to be going higher and higher.

I currently take 850 meformin 2x daily, januvia, 60 units of tresiba daily, and 40 units of humalog once daily in the morning.

My fasting levels are everywhere from high 100's to 400. I wake up sometimes at 2-3am and levels are in the high 400's.

ANSWER: Hello Annette,

Your fasting blood sugar levels seem to be at very high range (up to 400s) although you are on Metformin 850 mg, Januvia, and Tresibia and Humalog injections.

These sugar levels indicate your diabetes is still not well controlled although the medications.

Usually, we do recommend to have dinner at least 4 hours before going to bed, so you can recheck again your blood sugar levels after having dinner.

If low, and if you feel hypoglycemic, can get a diabetic snack before going to bed. Remember to take a high protein snack and not a very high carb one.

Otherwise, observe the morning blood sugar.

Do not skip meals, that will worsen your blood sugar levels. You should take food throughout the day in order not to have drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Apart diet, should increase your physical activity as per your health wellness status.

Stress and psychological issues can also cause spikes in blood sugar. That's why we also recommend to try to cope with stress.

Plus, I need to know what your HbA1C level is to get the whole picture.

Then, should discuss with your doctor about Dawn phenomenon, so you could correct the dose of actual meds you are taking.

Try to take insulin at bedtime, and not early in the evening. You might need an insulin pump overnight. Can discuss this with your caring doctor.

Hope this answers your query. Let me know if you have any other concern.


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