My glucose levels are between 30mg/dl and 50 mg/dl.

by Jackie Smith

QUESTION: Im a 28year old female, fit and healthy. Could not wake up one morning and my sugar was less than 30mg/dl. Had numerous tests in hospital and most recently my pancreas was checked with a nuclear xray. Need to be woken up at 2am to eat.

Any suggestions as to medication etc?

ANSWER: Hi there,

As you probably know, such blood glucose concentration is pretty low, because the normal blood glucose level is between 64.8-104.4mg/dl. Even your morning fasting blood glucose level of 30mg/dl is low as well.

You have to know that there are several possible causes of this condition, known as hypoglycemia, but every one of them has to be confirmed by tests. Because of the fact that any of the possible causes is not confirmed, I can’t suggest you drug(s) which you can use.

The only thing, which I can propose you, is to eat regularly and to stop following a restricted diet, if you follow one.

1. Anyways, now I will give you a list of possible causes of hypoglycemia. The first and the most probably explanation of this condition, which is typical for women at your age is hyperthyroidisms.

This is condition, during which the speed of the metabolic process is high, which is caused by the elevated secretion of thyroid hormones.

When the speed of those processes is high, a lack of nutrients, like glucose is observed and this is leading to low blood glucose level.

However, there are other symptoms, which are characteristic for this condition and you haven’t mentioned anything about them.

Anyways, my advice is to make a consultation with endocrinologist about this condition.

2. Besides the hyperthyroidism, there are other hormonal conditions, which are leading to hypoglycemia, like insufficiency of the adrenal or pituitary gland.

Because of this, I think that it would be better for you to speak with your doctor about this issue and what diagnostic tests you need to run to identify any possible problem.

3. Other possible explanation is a type of tumor, which is producing insulin and this type of cancer is known as insulinoma. I believe, that your doctors were looking for such thing and for that reason nuclear X-ray was estimated on your pancreas.

In addition, I want to remind you that such tumors are not developing only in the pancreas and they can be situated everywhere. So, talk with your doctor about this too.

4. Something else that can cause such thing, is the consumption of certain drugs. However, you haven’t mentioned such thing.

5. Following inappropriate diet can sometimes lead to hypoglycemia. You haven’t mentioned such thing, but I will advise you to stop doing it, if you are on diet.

I know that most of the mentioned things are strange for you, but you don’t have to worry about this. I want to ensure you that treating hypoglycemia is way easier than controlling diabetes as long as you find the causes.

In addition, I will advise you to keep something sweet with you, like chocolate, because the chocolate consumption leads to rapid elevation of the blood glucose concentration.

Hope it helped!


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