Are my sugar readings cause for concern?

by Helen
(Texarkana, TX)


A picture of health at 81: I've always been active but have been 'officially' working out at the gym 3 days a week and walking at least 5 days a week since the late 80's.

Never had an overweight problem, all cholesterol levels okay - ratio 2 (taking 10 mg simvastatin once daily), no other known health problems, no one in immediate family was a diabetic.

After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic about 4 years ago, I modified my diet (cutting down portions, counting carbs, and cutting down drastically on bread and potatoes all to the point.

I'm having a little difficulty keeping my weight stable at about 122. I used gymnema sylvestre and Alpha Lipoic Acid (discontinued recently because it didn't seem to be helping) yet still have problem with higher than normal glucose reading most mornings before breakfast and after some meals.

Yet my A1C 5.9% is normal and mean plasma Glucose is 133 mg/dl. My condition doesn't seem to have changed one way or another these last few years.

ANSWER: Hi Helen,

The first and unique problem I see in you is SIMVASTATIN.

I do not see the reason why you are taking simvastatin: You say that your cholesterol numbers are ok and the ratio is low.

Now, I am asking: Why are you taking simvastatin? Did you have problems with high cholesterol, and then, your numbers are down?

Next, keep in mind that the very first thing your doctor should say to you is to continue the great lifestyle you are conducting: being active, no alcohol, no smoking.

Diet changes are also very important for high cholesterol. In addition, they would helped you not to become pre-diabetic.

In other words, if you are doing such changes in your diet now, it means that you have "abused" with your foods although you were on simvastatin. This sounds very strange to me!!!!!!!!

At the end, SIMVASTATIN is the culprit for you to become a pre-diabetic.

Moreover, people taking simvastatin have reported weight gain. Therefore, FDA has put new restrictions to this drug.

So, talk to your doctor about what I have been telling you regarding simvastatin:


Continue the lifestyle and diet changes you are following.

All the best!


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    Your Blood Sugar Readings Are Excellent!!!

    Hi Helen,

    I see that you have been physically active longer than I have been a type 2 diabetic.

    If I were you, I would not worry a bit for being a pre-diabetic at age 81.

    How many more years do you want to live? In 19 years, you will reach your 100th birthday. Your A1c of 5.9% now will never go higher than 7%. Based on my 21-year experience with my type 2 diabetes, by being physically and mentally active every day, I have gotten 6.3% as the highest A1c reading since after my diagnosis.

    Enjoy every moment of the rest of your life!!!

    Bonny Damocles

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    Why would my blood sugar increase over night?

    QUESTION: Measurement taken before going to bed, then taken again when awake in the morning.

    ANSWER: Hi,

    There are many factors contributing to high blood sugar levels when you wake in the morning.

    First of all, what you eat the night before or at bedtime could influence the results.

    In addition, the drugs you are taking at night or at bedtime (drugs or insulin shots). So, you must check the dose of the drugs you are taking.

    Furthermore, the morning hormones, the ones that give our body the right "awake-push" to begin the new day, would also raise fasting blood sugar readings.

    According to what I mentioned above, it is good to consult with your personal doctor and discuss the real culprits for your case.

    Once the real problems are caught in time, you should start the right changes immediately.

    Another thing I wanted to add is that you should set your own "blood glucose level" goal together with your doctor.

    Please keep in mind that although normal ranges of blood glucose are already set generally, the medical team works together with the patient and try to set the individual normal sugar level.

    This is to help both the medical team and the patients to see the progresses and make the most appropriate changes and to avoid the "false" results as much as we can.

    So, at last, it is better to consult with your doctor, and discuss all the things I told you earlier hoping this might be of help to you.

    All the best!


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